Over the years, new sexual techniques have been appearing. One of them is tantric sex. This technique has come to stay and turn upside down the world of sex. There are already many people who practice this method so pleasurable. And you, do you know all the keys about tantric sex?

All about tantric sex

The origin of tantric sex

Actually, the concept of tantric sex does not exist per se, what does exist is Tantra. This concept is defined as an experience of Buddhist origin, which explains that people must learn to value what surrounds us. This current of thought is directly related to sexual life, since it is about not having prejudices neither with oneself nor with one’s partner.

What is tantric sex?

Tantric sex goes far beyond the sex we all know. This new sexual practice seeks to establish a connection between the mind and body of people. It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it?

This meditative practice can be practiced individually or as a couple. The goal is to achieve acceptance of oneself and others. During the realization of tantric sex, meditation exercises, eye contact, breathing… are performed.

This process prior to penetration and orgasm allows to enjoy the path to sexual practice that we all know.

Tantric sex exercises

First of all (and as is obvious), you need a partner for it. If you are looking for a person with whom to perform it, in EscortporMadrid we have a great variety of girls willing to accompany you in this new adventure.

At this point, the most common thing is that you are wondering how to perform tantric sex. We tell you some of the most common exercises:

1. Eye contact

Surely you’ve ever heard that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Tantric sex fully defends this saying and believes that eye contact, while naked, helps to create a bond. Enjoy thinking what the other person thinks of you and decipher what you feel.

2. Control of energy centers or chakras

The chakras are known as the energy center of the body. In order to work them it is necessary for one to lie face down and the other to perform a massage all over the body. Once the back massage is finished, it will be the turn to massage the front of the body. When the person giving the massage is finished, it will be the turn of the person receiving the massage.

At the end, you will be ready to experience a unique and satisfying sexual experience in equal parts.

3. Exploration and worship of the feminine

Tantra also refers to the worship of women. To practice this exercise, the man must first make sure to seek the satisfaction of the woman (which will have an indirect effect on his body). This exercise leads to great excitement and pleasure on the part of both.

female body worship

Benefits of tantric sex

Practicing tantric sex has a great series of advantages. We tell you about some of them:

  • Possibility to stimulate yourself without being touched.
  • Better control of the senses.
  • Elimination of taboos and fears.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Increased complicity.
  • Can be performed alone or as a couple.
  • Helps with problems such as: erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia and premature ejaculation.
  • Exploration of erogenous zones.

Discover now all the other advantages and enter the world of tantric sex with our escorts in Madrid!

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