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Anal sex is a sexual practice that involves stimulation of the anus and penetration of the rectum with the penis, fingers, or sex toys. It is a form of sexual activity that can be consensual between adults and that can bring pleasure to some people. However, it is important to note that anal sex requires communication, proper lubrication, and safety precautions, such as condom use and proper hygiene, to minimize the risk of injury or disease transmission.

Next, our expert escorts in Madrid on the subject will talk about their experience in anal sex and everything you need to know about it.

The three basic things you should know before starting to practice anal sex are the following :

  • Do not eat just before practicing it.
  • Start small, and gradually increase the size of the object you insert (for example: start with one finger, then two, and so on).
  • Use lube to get started and whenever you need it.

Anal sex can be practiced by both men and women, but it is not always pleasurable for everyone. Try it and if it gives you pleasure keep practicing it, but if it doesn’t give you pleasure leave it there. It’s okay, not everyone enjoys anal sex.

People (men and women) have many ways to enjoy sexuality and anal sex is only one of them. Most important of all is the consent of all the people involved in each sexual practice. And in the case of anal sex, the consent of the person receiving it is the most important thing.

Anal sex is not a sexual practice only today, there is much historical evidence of this practice at different times in history. For example, in Latin American societies before Spanish colonization, figurines showing human forms engaged in anal and oral sex have been discovered.

Also in Europe there are records of anal intercourse even in Ancient Rome.

  • Safe anal sex:

The first thing to know is that the risk of AIDS transmission is much higher in anal sex than in vaginal sex, this is very important to take into account.

Another important thing for the safety of anal sex is to know that the anal and rectal area are prone to fissures and injuries, so the first few times you have to practice it slowly and carefully.

It is one hundred percent recommended and absolutely essential to use a condom from the beginning of the relationship to the end.

To finish with the tips for safe anal sex, always keep these three premises in mind: Good lubrication, relaxation of the anal muscles and start very slowly until the anal muscles relax.

Real experiences and testimonials about anal sex

Ainhoa ​​(Alias) :

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Ainhoa ​​begins her story by explaining that anal sex is the last frontier for a woman in her sexual life, because once you try it and see that the taboo you’ve always had disappears, you feel ready to carry out any practice that is proposed to you. When you have decided to try it for the first time and the moment approaches, a thousand doubts come to mind. Will it hurt? Will I reach an orgasm? and many more questions.

To tell you the truth, it hurt, an intense burning sensation came over me , but I tried to endure that pain. And once my muscles were dilated, little by little, the pain disappeared and I felt more and more constant a sensation of pleasure that far exceeded the pain.

Without realizing it, there came a time when I wouldn’t stop moaning and the act turned into something wonderful.

From then on I practice it frequently.

Ebony (Alias):

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Ébano tells us that the first day she tried anal sex she discovered sensations she had never felt before. He had always wanted to try it but he didn’t dare or find the right partner to do it.

A friend recommended that before practicing it with a man, try simpler experiences such as anal masturbation using your own fingers or even inserting a small dildo. So I did it.

And I have to say that after these experiences I wanted to try it with a man much more.

Thanks to those previous experiences, my first time was quite pleasant, and I didn’t feel any pain, it was all pleasure.

Amaya (Alias)

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Amaya is another friend who tells us about her experience in anal sex. For

her the first time was a cascade of new sensations. In her case, she tells us that she had previously drunk several glasses of wine, she used a lot of lubricant and relaxed her body to the maximum. Thanks to all this, the experience was very positive.

Now she likes to combine anal sex with manual clitoral stimulation. In his words: “Wow! the pleasure is impressive”

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