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What is the black kiss

It is not easy to know what the black kiss is if someone does not explain it to you, since it has nothing to do with the name that has been given to it, because it is not a kiss nor is it black. So here we are going to explain it to you.

The black kiss consists of caressing and savoring the other person’s sphincter with the tongue and lips. Told like this and at first sight it can cause revulsion and even disgust, but it must be taken into account that this practice dates back thousands of years, although in its beginnings there was no intention of sexual pleasure but rather it was carried out with the sole intention of cleaning from the area to which the other person did not reach and therefore could not clean itself.

Next, our expert escorts in Madrid on the subject will talk about their experience in the black kiss and everything you need to know about it.

The sexual pleasure came much later.

  • Essential cleanliness and hygiene:

Hygiene is always important in all sexual practices but in the case of the Black Kiss the importance of hygiene and cleanliness is much greater and is vital. The reasons are obvious. If the mouth of one person meets the sphincter of another, I think the importance of cleanliness does not need an explanation.

With a good cleaning of the sphincter, this sexual practice can be as safe as any other.

  • Why make a black kiss:

The sphincter is a part of our body that is highly sensitive, we could say that it can be as sensitive as the lips or the mouth. Therefore, when the other person stimulates our sphincter with his mouth, we can feel a pleasure similar to the one we feel when we are kissed.

If you really want to offer your partner the best sexual pleasures, you should include a good black kiss in these. He will love it and he will thank you. We must unprejudice once and for all these practices and see it like any other. It is something very pleasant for the person who receives it and as long as it is done with excellent hygiene it will not cause any problem for either of them.

Experiences of women in black kiss

Bárbara (Alias):

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My experience with the black kiss that I am going to tell you about is quite special. I’ll tell you: I had already black-kissed several lovers I’ve had over the last few years, it’s a practice that doesn’t bother me since I know my lovers appreciate it and enjoy it a lot. But this time it occurred to me to try something new. They call it double zero.

Everyone knows what a sixty-nine consists of, right? Well, imagine that instead of each taking care of the other’s genitals with their tongues, they take care of their sphincter. That is, at the same time that you offer a black kiss to your partner, you are also receiving it. It is an exquisite sensation. You are giving pleasure through your partner’s sphincter while also receiving it. It is a very generous practice on both sides.

Although I have to warn you that it is not easy, both of you must have a certain elasticity and physical flexibility. Try it, I recommend it.

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