Everyone knows that one of the most common sexual fantasies in men is to have a threesome with two women (commonly called among themselves: “do a duplex”), as confirmed by hundreds of statistics. But what do women think of this fantasy?

We have been more interested in the opinion of women on this fantasy and we have sought various comments from them. When it is a woman who is looking for this fantasy, there can be three very different cases.

  • Ask your partner to look for a second woman together to try this experience.
  • You just look for a partner to try
  • You and a friend looking for a man to have a threesome

Although at first glance it seems that everything is the same, there are many small differences. But in all of them there is something common: That the woman is bisexual or at least she is bi-curious and she wants to try another woman. A 100% heterosexual woman will never think of carrying out this fantasy unless she gives her partner an original gift, which also happens often.

But those women who know they are bisexual or at least have doubts as to whether they are or not, if they often consider trying it. If you want to see a duplex escort in Madrid , you can see it here.

What kind of fantasy do women prefer?

Although in this article the type of fantasy that concerns us is that of two women and a man (duplex) there are other types of fantasies in the mind of the woman:

  • A man and a woman (HM)
  • Two men and a woman (HHM)
  • One man and two women (HMM)
  • Two men and two women (HHMM)

Of these four combinations, there are statistics that tell us that women fantasize much more about the option of having sex with two men (HHM), much more than any of the other three options.

Tips to achieve a satisfactory duplex

This fantasy is more complicated than it seems since you have to ensure that not only you enjoy yourself, but also the other two people.

If you don’t enjoy all three, it will be a failure .

It is already difficult for two people to enjoy both, imagine if there are three of you. But nothing is impossible if you follow these tips:

  • 3.1 Discuss it with your partner beforehand. If you are alone and looking for a partner, obviously this advice can be skipped, but if you are your partner and you are looking for a second girl, you should talk about it beforehand very calmly and tactfully.

You have to be sure that you both want to try it, and most importantly, that it will only be sex , no feelings . Explain to each other, in all kinds of detail, exactly what things you each want to try, and the day you do it, think more about your partner’s pleasure than your own.

  • 3.2 Look for a girl you don’t know. It is important that the girl with whom you do the duplex is not from your environment or from your partner’s environment. Avoid friends and acquaintances. Even if it’s the first time, it would be ideal for her to be a paid girl with experience in this fantasy.
  • 3.3 Choose the place well: The place you choose should be a neutral place, where the three of you feel comfortable. Create a previous environment , a few drinks, music, a few laughs, etc. (About the drinks, of course, always under control, without going overboard).
  • 3.4 Choose the girl well. Keep in mind that the three of you have to be physically attracted to each other, it is not worth only attracting you.
  • 3.5 Have an open mind to try new things. Don’t close yourself. Since you have taken the first step, it is not the time to refuse what the other two people propose to you.

If you follow these tips I assure you that the duplex will turn out great and you will have a precious memory for a lifetime.

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