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What is an escort?

A escort, call girl, call girl, scort… All these terms define it is not just a luxury whore. She is a woman who offers her company in a paid way to men to attend events, parties, trips… This may include sex or not , not all customers demand the same thing. Many are just looking for a sporadic sex relationship to simple, elegant and polite companionship.

The difference between an escort and a whore is that an escort offers sex and companionship, elegance, education, a well cared for and groomed woman ideal for any occasion. Besides, you won’t find her “doing the street” or in a brothel.

The best international escort website

The best escorts can also be enjoyed by clients who are outside our country, as we offer escort services abroad, for any pleasure trip, business trip or any event, and therefore we are also targeting clients from all over the world with the recently launched English version of our EscortporMadrid website.

You’ll discover that travelling around Europe or the world offers many more incentives when done by the hand of a professional escort, a very exclusive service that only the most professional escorts in Spain are able to offer and that is really very difficult to find.

So, whether you are outside Madrid or on a trip, you can also count on the services of an escort from this website. They will accompany you wherever you want to be your companion for as long as you need, a time during which you won’t need to look at the clock as you will be enjoying incredible company that will always be totally dedicated to you, ensuring that your enjoyment is maximum.

Our hobbies highlights

The hobbies we present in this escorts website are:

Extensive and conscientious selection of escorts

Make an exhaustive and conscientious selection of the escorts taking into account:

  • Physical attractive, escort ladies with slender and spectacular bodies.
  • Cultural level and education, women with languages and even university degrees with whom you can have an interesting conversation.

elegance, class and knowing how to be in public

  • different nationalities, features, skin tone or hair or eye color, for all tastes.
  • sympathy and sense of humor
  • another long series of qualities


But above all, they are the best lovers of Madrid, women who all know the secrets of sex thanks to a deep experience. High levels of commitment, professionalism and commitment.

Thanks to a simple and accessible website, you can find your ideal escort among all the escort ads on our website. A filtered search allows you to choose your escort from blonde, brunette, oriental, Latin or Spanish escorts, or even choose your ideal escort according to her breast size. Also, as we have already mentioned, with our English version we want to make it easier for those clients who come to Madrid on a temporary basis.


Why choose our web?

We can take care of all the details so that the appointment that the client entrusts us with is a success: (luxury suite, drinks, transfers, etc….) We not only take care of putting you in contact with high standing women and professional escorts, but we also take care of creating your ideal appointment. Many clients, for example, want to enjoy the romanticism and privacy of a romantic date; to create this atmosphere there are many formulas, some of which are to have a luxurious ambience music and scented candles that, together with the dimmed lights of a hotel room can do wonders when it comes to enjoying an intimate and passionate sexual relationship. Ask us what you would like to meet when you arrive at your appointment and we will see to it.

And finally, respond to the customer, before, during and after the service for any incident that may occur. The website will respond to anything that may arise. Not only do we want you to come, we want you to come back. We are at your disposal for any complaint or suggestion. Do not hesitate to contact us and help us to improve every day in order to offer a better service every day.

Installations where you will feel better every day

This is basically TUS MEJORES MOMENTOS: An website in Madrid where we make an escort appointment real and pleasant. We do everything in our power to ensure that you enjoy your best moment, with the best possible company, and with everything you want. Everything you imagine in a date can come true, and to make your fantasies become something real, just tell us what you want and what you want to enjoy when you are in the company of the luxury escort you have chosen, we will take care of turning all these fantasies into something tangible and that you will remember throughout your life.

A luxury Madrid escorts website available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can enjoy the best company in Madrid at any time. Whenever, however and wherever you want, you will have your favourite escort at your side in just one hour. Call +34 671116191 and get in touch with our colleagues who will give you all the details you need and if you want they will recommend your best escort according to your tastes.