Photoescorts, sustitutas… and other escort directories

There are many escort directories that you can find on the internet. Some of the most famous portals are Photoescorts or Sustitutas.

The function of these directories is like that of an advertisement portal. Independent escorts and escort agencies pay these portals for each advertisement they want to publish on them.

Directorios de escorts

Here you can find escorts from all over the national territory, but the directories simply make the advertisements of escorts from all over Spain available to customers. They are not responsible for the service that the escorts may give to the customer or for the telephone attention they receive… They are a means of connection between the escort and the customer.

Photoescorts and its featured escort advertisements

All these similar directories Photoescorts usually have a privileged place where to put those “featured advertisements” that are the first to be seen when entering their page.

In these positions are located the most expensive ads on the web, that is, the ones that have paid more to advertise, since they are the most visited ads.

Generally, in these first positions you will find luxury escorts who earn enough to be able to advertise in these positions or work in an agency that has enough clients to be able to have the advertisements of their ladies in the best positions on that web. Therefore, they have enough services and are probably good.

However, there is no quality criteria of the advertisement or the services of the escort to order these advertisements.

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If you are an independent escort, publishing your advertisement on these directories usually carries a monthly cost.

For example, in the case of Photoescort, it is 60 euros per month for your advertisement to appear among all those on the page, after the featured advertisements.

If you want to appear among the first, it depends on the availability of sites that have in featured and the price can vary between 25 and 150 euros more per month, depending on the position.

In addition, for your advertisement to be certified so that it is known that its photos are real, you will have to send a photo with a visible face and a sign, thus proving that the one in the photos is you.

For this price you would only appear on this directory, if you wanted to appear on more than one you would have to pay for each of them, prices vary depending on the website.

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