First of all, for neophytes in the matter, we are going to explain what we mean when we talk about “natural French”.

A “French” is simply fellatio . Where does this expression come from? It seems that in the 1920s the brothels in France were the best in the world in carrying out this practice. That is why fellatio began to be called “a Frenchman”.

But this sexual practice is also known by many other names:

Fellatio, francés, mamada, chupada, and surely in other Spanish-speaking countries they have their own ways of naming it.

Natural French variants

  • A bareback blowjob is fellatio without using a condom.
  • A blowjob to the end is fellatio ejaculating inside the mouth.
  • A deep throat is the total introduction of the penis into the mouth.

A shared experience

There are studies that indicate that oral sex (or French) is not a practice that only men receive since they can also do it to their female partners. Or even do it simultaneously the man to the woman and the woman to the man. The famous: 69

The bareback blowjob is usually carried out before penetration to achieve stimulation. It is an important part of the calls: Preliminaries .

70% of men claim to perform bareback blowjob with their partners, while only 55% of women admit it. Although at first glance it seems that the man is the only one who receives pleasure from this practice, many women say that it is also a pleasant practice for them.

Benefits of practicing bareback blowjob

There is a study from the University of New York in which the organic properties of man’s semen were analyzed, and it was concluded that this liquid contained some chemical products that modified the mood of the person who ingested it.

According to this study, semen has properties similar to antidepressants. Thus, we are facing the oldest antidepressant in history. In this same study, it was observed that women with a more active sexual life suffered from much fewer episodes of depression.

Real experiences and testimonials about bareback blowjob

Our experts in escorts in Madrid tell you all about their experience.

  • Carmen, an expert in performing bareback blowjob ( See profile )

natural french expert madrid

She loves to practice natural French (or oral sex without a condom ) in all her sexual relations. What’s more, she doesn’t conceive of a sexual relationship without a good prior oral sex.

Carmen is one of those who believe that giving a man a good time in the moments before intercourse is something very nice and makes you a better lover.

“The bareback blowjob is the most important part of the preliminary games”, Carmen’s literal phrase. Besides she adds that it is the funniest moment for her.

  • María tells us her techniques for a good bareback blowjob ( See profile )

Maria expert natural French

Our friend María is a 34-year-old woman with an exuberant body and a very active sexual life , she herself admits that she loves sex and especially oral sex without a condom, so here she explains her techniques, positions and more advice.

She always starts the preliminaries with kisses and caresses, then goes on to caressing the genitals and ends these preliminaries with a good bareback blowjob. Her favorite position is kneeling in front of her lover and without using her hands, doing all the work with her mouth, she is much more kinky.

And always without a condom , so that the man feels much more the touch with his lips and his tongue.

  • Baby tells us because of the bareback blowjob ( See profile )

natural french expert in madrid

Baby has a very clear theory about oral sex without a condom, for her it is important for three things:

  • Show your partner that you care about their pleasure as much as yours
  • Increases trust and closeness, very important for the penetration that will come later
  • Greatly increases the duration of the entire sexual experience.

For all this, Baby explains, is why she always includes a good bareback blowjob in her relationships.

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