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ou may have ever heard the word “facefucking” but you don’t know what it is exactly. It is a sexual practice that is increasingly booming in couples. Although not all couples like it since, in a way, it highlights the domination of men over women. If we divide the term into two words “face” and “fucking” and translate them from English we will get: “face fucked”. But that is not exactly its meaning. It would be more accurate to say: Mouth fucked. But you will think that this concept already has a name, fellatio. But it’s not the same.

Facefucking goes further than fellatio. It is a very specific oral sex technique, you could say that it is directly about “mouth fucking”. The man performs the same practice as in a vaginal penetration but in the woman’s mouth. This is a practice that is very close to BDSM and the submission of women.

Differences between Facefucking and fellatio

There are many differences between the practice of a (standard) fellatio and a facefucking. And here we are going to list the most basic ones.

  • In fellatio it is the woman who is in charge of everything, she uses her mouth and tongue as she sees fit to give pleasure to the man. On the other hand, in facefucking it is the man who takes care of everything, the woman just has to open her mouth and let the man do it.
  • In a fellatio there are several positions (the two lying down, the lying down and her in four, etc.). On the other hand, in a facefucking there are only two positions: the man is standing and the woman is on her knees. And the second position is called 69.
  • In fellatio the woman is the one who controls the man’s penis, in facefucking it is the man who controls the woman’s mouth and head.
  • In fellatio, the woman usually uses her hands to help herself, in facefucking she doesn’t use them, it’s even common for her to have them tied behind her back.

How can you see facefucking is fellatio, but no.

Next, our expert escorts in Madrid on the subject will talk about their experience in Facefucking and everything you need to know about it.

Real experiences and testimonials about Facefucking

3.1 Amaya: my first facefucking: View profile

I remember that it was a long time ago, I would have been 18 or 19 years old. It was with my first boyfriend. I didn’t even know what facefucking was but he explained it to me very well. He told me that I just had to open my mouth and do nothing else, that he took care of everything. And indeed it was.

I began to enjoy it because the simple situation in which I found myself turned me on. The problem was that, having no experience, I gagged and immediately vomited. I was very embarrassed but downplayed the situation.

Later I have practiced it many more times and I have not vomited again, and the truth is, I like it a lot and I enjoy it.

3.2 Fabiola: tips to enjoy it View profile

Hi, I’m Fabiola, I’m not going to tell you about my experiences in facefucking here, but I am going to give you some practical advice so that you can enjoy it and far from being a traumatic experience, be a pleasant experience. As you all know, there are two types of sexual practices, there are the romantic ones, full of kisses, caresses and a lot of affection, and then there are the wild ones, in which our most primal instincts come to light.

In the life of every man or woman there is a time for each one. Here are several tips to make the experience pleasant and exciting:

  • The first and most important thing is to talk about it before you start and make sure that both people want to try it.
  • It is important, before introducing the penis into the woman’s mouth, to practice with a vibrator or dildo of similar size to the man’s penis. And perform the same movements.
  • You have to be relaxed and comfortable for the muscles to adapt.
  • Never do it after eating, as it will be much easier for retching and even vomiting to come
  • Breathe only through the nose while performing.

If you take these simple tips into account, I assure you that you can achieve an experience with great pleasure and that excites you to the maximum.

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