If you ask anyone what is the ideal place to relate sexually, 90% of people will answer: The bed. But every day more and more people are trying the sexual pleasure that is given and received in an erotic shower, to the point that in the future it is possible that the shower will take the place of the bed.

And is that sexual relations are increasingly looking for new and more exciting stimuli, and in a shower as a couple I assure you that these can be achieved. It is not a question of totally eliminating sex in bed but of complementing the bed with the erotic shower.

Los placeres de la ducha erótica

Any sexual arousal technique that is intended to be used increases its expectations when it is performed underwater.

There are many escorts of luxury in madrid who offer their escorts wonderful erotic showers together.

Water as sexual reinforcement:

We have to think that water, on its own and without any help from other sexual resources, has ideal properties for sexual arousal.

Moisture always incites to sex, it also provides additional lubrication and a wonderful sensation when caressing and being caressed.

Eroticism is one of the most important bases for a good sexual relationship, stimulation and arousal are essential to achieve a full relationship. In this sense the shower and the water can help a lot: the pressure of the water, the steam, the caresses in contact with the water.

And of course, it goes without saying that sexual practices under water are obviously more hygienic.

Obviously all these elements, far from being routine as they are in bed, help greatly to improve the sexual relationship.

The importance of location:

Equally as important as the choice of the partner to have a sexual relationship, is the place where the relationship takes place.

The standard and most common is in bed in a room in an apartment or in a hotel room. Being so common and so traditional places do not add any morbidness to the sexual experience, so it is important to modernize when choosing the places where to enjoy sex.

And one of those places is, without a doubt, THE SHOWER. Many men and women already prefer to start their new sex experiences in the shower instead of in bed.

Real experiences and testimonials about Erotic shower

 Camila (nicknames):

Escort desde Venezuela a Madrid para hombres exigentes. La más profesional. Camila

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Hello everyone, in my experience sex in the shower is much more pleasurable than in a traditional flat or hotel bed.

The variety of stimulants that shower water offers is impressive. At first you might think that the limited space might make the positions that can be practiced more uncomfortable and more limited. But I assure you that any exciting position that you can practise in bed can be practised in the shower, and I say this from my own experience.

You can resort to all kinds of positions and all kinds of practices, anal sex, oral sex, 69 and much more.

And lastly, I would like to tell you something you surely don’t know: bodies under water lose a lot of weight, and this, I assure you, makes it easier to perform positions that would be impossible in bed.


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