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Colombian escorts are very resourceful women who know very well how to enjoy life at every moment. It is well known that Colombian escorts are hot-blooded women, I would say the most sensual of all South America. Many of them have been in Madrid for a long time and know very well the city and where the fun is at any time of the day or night. If you are passing through Madrid let them propose you a perfect plan and you will not be disappointed.

If you are looking to have an encounter with a fun, friendly and sensual escort I recommend you to choose a Colombian escort, it is an option that never fails.

Colombian women are open-minded, extroverted and without taboos. When a Colombian escort offers herself as an escort it is because she really likes dates with strangers, and they enjoy them as much as you can enjoy them.

Beauty secrets of Colombian women

It is known all over the world that Colombian women stand out from other women for their beauty. Here we have summarized what are those secrets that make them so beautiful, from traditional grandmother’s remedies to those secret ingredients that all Colombian women use.

  • Natural oils: Colombian women (and of course escorts) use the best natural coconut, castor and almond oils for their hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. This is the best secret of their beautiful manes.
  • Homemade tonics: These are the famous remedies of the grandmothers of Colombian women, including rice water and rose water, which are ideal for the skin.
  • Ice for the face: This technique consists of passing an ice cube over clean skin to close pores and increase collagen production.

Well, now you know where the beauty of Colombian women comes from.

COLOMBIAN equals sure success

If you are looking for an escort and want to ensure that the encounter is a success, our recommendation is to choose a Colombian escort, they are the most complete in every way.

You will have a fun date, relaxed and full of surprises. And don’t forget that Colombian escorts are hot women with hot blood.

Choose now your favorite Colombian in Madrid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All the escorts advertised on our portal are independent, so they are not all together, but each one of them is located at their own residence in different areas of Madrid capital. There are companions in the main areas of Madrid, all of them well-connected:

  • Plaza de Castilla
  • Chamartín (Calle Alberto Alcocer)
  • Barrio de Salamanca
  • Chamberí
  • Atocha

In all these areas, we usually have escorts advertised on the website, and some of them have private apartments to receive you.

However, all the escorts can move to any other area of Madrid or even nearby towns. They have a private chauffeur who can take them to the area you prefer.

The escorts charge a fee for their companionship service that is determined by the duration of the company.

The price for one hour of companionship is 200 €. The companionship can be for attending a dinner at a restaurant, accompanying to an event, for a trip, or just for a private meeting in a hotel.

From that base price, more hours can be hired. For longer services (dinners, trips, parties, etc.), more hours can be hired. In that case, you have to contact the phones on the website so that the escort can offer you a better price per hour.

The most common companionship services of the escorts last for 1 hour, but all of them are available for longer services, for 2 or 3 hours, for entire nights, for several days, and even for trips. Prices for more than one hour are negotiated directly with the companion.

In exceptional cases, for people with limited free time, some of the escorts accept meetings of only half an hour, to get to know each other and consider whether they will arrange a longer meeting in the near future. But this option is only offered by some of the escorts.

If you are looking for a service with a special duration, the best thing to do is to call the phone number on the website and they will inform you without any obligation.

All the companions listed on our web portal make outcalls in Madrid capital. We have a private chauffeur with whom they move. The cost of the outcall is 30 euros (in Madrid capital).

They can also travel to hotels in the towns around Madrid. (Pozuelo, Majadahonda, Alcobendas, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Barajas, Coslada, San Fernando, Torrejón de Ardoz, Alcalá de Henares, etc.). In these cases, the cost depends on the distance to Madrid capital. It will normally be between 40 and 50 euros.

The escorts advertised on this portal have different schedules. Keep in mind that most of them are amateurs and have jobs in other sectors, which they combine with this. Therefore, it is best to contact directly the phone number that appears on the website so that you can be informed of the schedule of each of the companions you are interested in.

Appointments must be arranged at least 1 hour in advance.

The telephone service hours are from 08:00 to 02:00 from Monday to Sunday. You can contact by call, WhatsApp, or Telegram, and we will promptly inform you of the schedules of each escort.

There isn’t a common place where all the escorts receive. They are independent and therefore each one receives their visits in their apartment or private flat. All meetings are organized privately.

However, not all have a private flat to receive. In these cases, our agency takes care of finding a private suite for rent by the hour where the meeting can take place. We usually turn to the company: Luxtal, which has suites in the Chamartín area and also in the Barrio de Salamanca.

You can inquire by phone which escorts have a private flat to receive and which ones use the hourly rental service of suites.

Where to find us

Although many of our escorts travel, you can check directly in your neighborhood in Madrid to find the ideal escort for you.

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