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The female ejaculation, also called “squirting“, comes from the vagina or vulva.

The concept of “ejaculation” has always been associated with the penis and the male sex, but it can also occur in the female sex, it is an ejaculation that comes from the vulva or the vagina, and unlike male ejaculation it can occur before, during or after orgasm, or it can even occur without orgasm.

Thanks to the fact that in recent years there is much more knowledge about women’s sexuality and women are more open about their intimate experiences, we can learn much more about women’s sexual desires, sensations and appetites. And ejaculation is an important part of it.

In the world of the luxury escorts in Madrid, there are some of them who claim to ejaculate in all their relationships, while others never do.

What is squirting?

Squirting is simply the term used in English for female ejaculation.

During sexual intercourse women can experience an emission of fluids that is totally involuntary and not all women experience it. There are women who have never had an ejaculation and others who have it in all their relationships. But it is always involuntary.

It should be borne in mind that ejaculation is not essential for a sexual relationship to be satisfactory for the woman. It is important that both the man and the woman do not think that it is something that must be achieved and that it is essential to reach it, because this is not the case, and it can create a lot of pressure. Ejaculation or no ejaculation, a woman can enjoy herself to the fullest.

Female fluids

Although female ejaculation has been occurring for many, many years, and “female semen” is mentioned in the Kamasutra, it was not until a few years ago that scientists began to analyse the fluids that emanate from a woman’s vulva during sexual intercourse.
Eyaculación femenina

There is no agreement among scientists when it comes to assessing female ejaculation fluids. Unlike in men, where the composition of ejaculated semen has been extensively studied, there is no such consensus in the case of women. Some scientists claim that female ejaculatory fluid contains urine and a combination of various other fluids.

Fluid or no fluid, ejaculation or no ejaculation, women can have totally satisfying relationships and wonderful orgasms with absolutely nothing to do with ejaculation or skirting. So, if you are a woman, don’t give importance to this issue, if you ejaculate great, if you don’t ejaculate, also.

I hope this advice will be of interest to you.

Real experiences and testimonials about Squirting

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I transcribe here some interesting experiences of women about their ejaculations or skirting, some of them are directly experiences of escorts from the portal www.escortpormadrid.com, others are anonymous:

Escort Madrid Noelia: “The first time I ejaculated I was about 20 years old and I was very surprised and even scared because the amount of fluid I expelled was enormous, as if it was a real fountain, the whole bed was soaked with my fluids. My partner was also surprised as he had never seen it before. In the end we both ended up laughing our heads off and it was a lot of fun.

Anonymous experience: “I ejaculate quite a few times, not in all my relationships but in many of them, and I feel super happy when I do it because my partners love it because they feel that they have made me enjoy myself more and that makes them feel more like men.

Anonymous experience: “When I ejaculate I feel very good about myself and my body. I don’t need a penis to ejaculate and that is very satisfying for me.

I hope you enjoyed reading these little experiences about female ejaculation.

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