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Book with escortsThe topic of escort photos is somewhat controversial. Every escort girl needs a photo book to advertise herself and to get clients. The success of an escort depends on the quality of the escort’s pictures, as well as on the escort’s body, if she is sensual or attractive….

The way she poses and looks at the camera is also an important factor to attract the client’s attention.
But beyond the fact that an escort’s pictures are better or worse, what clients fear the most is the truthfulness of the pictures. There are many cases in which the client has found out that the escort in the date is totally different from the one in the picture.

Fake photos of escorts

Fake photos are one of the things that affect us agencies the most. And there are many occasions in which we have suffered, in our escort agency in Madrid, the theft of photos of the escorts who work with us.

Independent whores, escorts who are just starting out, or even some agencies trying to get into this world, “borrow” photos of other escorts to save the cost of a photographer and the corresponding book. Even some escorts do it simply because they prefer not to be the ones who appear in the pictures and try to take pictures of other escorts who may be more or less similar.

Before the few resources we have to avoid such cases, in our escort agency as in many others in Madrid, we have decided to put a watermark of our agency to all photos with escort girls who work with us. In this way, if any girl wants to use our photos, you will see our watermark wherever she advertises.

Therefore, whenever an advertisement with an escort photo with our watermark takes you to our website or has our phone number (or that of the corresponding agency), it will be an escort advertisement with real photos. If it is advertised as an independent escort and has the watermark of an agency, you may doubt the veracity of those photos, and if that girl is really the one who is advertised.

Current photos of escorts

Another important aspect is the age of the photos. The escorts must try to have an updated book so that the client has an idea as close as possible of the young lady he/she hires.

In EscortporMadrid we always try to have an updated book of each of the girls, because luxury escorts take care of themselves and like to change their look often, so a blonde escort tomorrow can be a redhead or have shorter or longer hair… but apart from these small unavoidable details, the photos of the escorts of our agency are current and one hundred percent real.

The functions of a luxury escort agency, among many others such as privacy, or the service offered, is to take care of this kind of things, to make new books to the ladies to give the best service and higher quality.

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