We wish to introduce you the most sensual and luxury selection of Asian luxury escort. Different personalities, each one of them as intriguing as the next, they will kneel before you just to achieve your personal satisfaction, and they will not stop until you are fully satisfied, because luxury Asian escorts are just like that, always willing to take you to a true Oriental paradise where you could linger as many times as you want.

The most exotic Asian luxury escorts

We all feel a special passion for everything we haven’t tasted yet, or the stuff we haven’t experienced. That is called curiosity and is a powerful weapon, in sex and in every aspect of life. We always want to try new things, things which are totally new for us, something we have heard of and we know for sure they can make us something different that we are used to feel. When we move out of our continent this fact becomes clearer than ever, and we always have the perception that the practices people make in any other countries are sexier and more sexually satisfying.


With men and women occurs something like it, regarding of course the best luxury Asian escorts. If you haven’t tried to have sex or have a relationship with an Asian woman, the doubt will always remain in your subconscious, given that we all have heard about this kind of women. Something like they have something special and they can provide us with various different sensations European women cannot.

That exoticism is what makes our expectations grow high, and if by any chance we end up having a sexual relationship with a woman who can fulfill such high expectations, we always wait something different to happen, that we could feel something we haven’t. Something that could be worth our time, producing us a sexual excitement without further comparison.

When we speak of normal Asian woman this is not necessarily true, but it becomes a reality when talking about a luxury Asian escort. Professional Asian escort know their culture very well, they know their past and how to deal with it. And they are eager to take the advantage that just a person who know both cultures could. Just for your private enjoyment, so you can feel the passion and sexual excitement of their own culture. Their techniques differ from ours and they face sexual relationships quite different, so they can provide their lovers with the highest amount of pleasure and passion.

That passion towards sex is always present in Asian culture. A passion that knows no complexes or taboos, something you couldn’t find in any other part of the world. They even celebrate it publicly, in special events such as theatrical representations, something that we, Europeans never dared to do, but in our recent culture.

escort geisha orientalThe use of costumes and dressing as an excitant element and a sense catalyzer becomes important through the most luxurious Asian escorts, not to mention all those techniques they know about which are totally unknown for us, used to play sex in just one or two common postures not exciting at all.

Try the oriental flavor of our Asian luxury escorts

Every Asian luxury escort who works for us knows an great deal of these Asian techniques which are going to surprise you and leave you speechless. Exciting, daring and new techniques for you which are capable of making you reach the highest level of pleasure and extend the length and intensity of your orgasms. Not bad, isn’t it?

We speak of course about the tantric massage, a variation of erotic massage perfected along the centuries in Oriental cultures which is becoming quite trendy in Europe. Through this kind of massage, which stimulates the penis in a very concrete way, you could feel some different sensations you have never feel, totally unknown for our different and European culture. Sensations only a luxury Asian escort could make you feel.

This is a quite hard to perform technique, carrying some specific guidelines, making different variations depending on the person who is enjoying it. But something is sure, it never disappoints and its capacity to stimulate sexual emotions is quite high. This is just an example of a single technique luxury Asian escorts know just well, not only because of their culture, but because of the fact they have dedicated their professional lives to perfection it. Much more perfection than the one a simple Asian woman could reach in her whole life.

But of course there are other techniques as sensual and exciting as the tantric massage, we are talking of course about the body-body massage, in which an Asian woman with a perfect body will rub hers against yours. A great experience which, combined with oils and a touch of perfume will transport you to distant places, places where pleasure means something different and everything spins around it. Something to be taken into consideration in your seek for pleasure.

Have you ever tried to have sex with an Asian luxury escort? From here we can assure you it’s an amazing experience which always leaves a good taste, actually, most of the users of this kind of services tend to repeat the experience at least one more time, because it’s hard to believe that all those feelings you are about to experience are real.


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