Many people are always looking for a new way of practicing their passion, we are talking of course about sex and , and the best way to do so is certainly taking a look at the book of the books: The kamasutra. In it, the hottest minds will be able to find a new world where to find the most exciting postures not just for anal sex, which is today’s topic, but for every kind of sexual practice.

The best kamasutra postures for anal sex are right before you; you only need to take one step forward so to start enjoying this new world of sensations so pleasant that you will never come back to your old ways.

Find the best kamasutra postures anal sex

Some years ago, to find the best postures of kamasutra could be some difficult task, given that in our country existed a censure related with all these terms, making it unreachable most of the time. The best option for a person seeking that information would be to have the book itself or borrow it from an acquaintance or friend who may have it in his possession.

Couples Erotica

But nowadays something has changed and each every one of us have the power to get access to much more information, specially via Internet which has broken many boundaries and granted some freedoms quite valuable for the most exigent sex lovers, including the possibility of looking for the hottest postures to enjoy with our lover.

A lover that can also be a professional escort which is undoubtedly the best lover you will be able to find in the world due to her professionalism, dedication and of course knowledge about sex and kamasutra postures. We are going to give you some special piece of information so you can enjoy with the best sexual relationships a man can enjoy, but be sure that every escort girl knows about this postures and they could be the best of the guides to escort you along the process of learning about all of them. Take that into consideration.

All of these postures are conceived to get you out of your sexual routine and offer a new world of possibilities to its users, don’t forget about letting the passion go through you at any time so your experience can be the perfect one.

The clip

In this posture, the woman is sit one the man, offering him a perfect view of her body and letting a full access to external clitoris stimulation, if she lends to her back, it will allow to the tissue inside the perineum to get tighter allowing this way and enormous amount of pleasure.

The wild horse

This position is very similar to the previous one, with the difference that tough the woman is on the man in this case, he keeps his legs crossed as leans his back, leaning on the palms of his hands. It allows full control to the women, something that is very important for anal sex, especially to avoid any kind of pain or discomfort that might somehow disturb a feeling that should always be of absolute pleasure.

The reverse cowgirl

As we’ve explained before, in anal sex is very important that the woman take control over the situation, this is variation of a very common position in which the woman is on the man, riding him with passion but offering him her back and of course her booty, ready to be penetrated. It is important that we let our lover to do the job at her pace, eliminating every kind of pain from the process.

loveviral, via theladycheeky

The hinge

This is a very sensual position that allows a great anal penetration, you will be on your knees, leaning back to the palms of your hands while she is at four legs leaning on her elbows, quite rather the doggy, but contributing with some extra effort that makes it even hotter.

The magic mountain

This is a position that almost is in the section of classical postures when we think of anal sex, with the women leaning forward and the man penetrating her from behind, but the fact is that there is something special about this technique. The woman leans forward and rests on previously placed cushions, allowing her to enjoy anal sex in a comfortably way, man embraces and penetrates her from behind while the two bodies remain full and constant contact. The favorite position of every lover.

The straigh flush

This very special sexual position for anal sex has nothing to do with poker but with the use of the stairs that any house might have in your benefit. This is a different position, very similar to the doggy but with the specialty that it takes places in a very different place from the bed we are used to have sex in. It is very important for our sexual health to chance our habits from time to time; this is the perfect position to do so. Don’t forget to use some cushions not to hurt your knees and remain in a comfortable status.

The best positions for anal sex

Here we illustrate the best positions for happy anal sex.

Postura clásica para el sexo anal Una postura muy placentera de sexo anal Una de las posturas ideales para un buen sexo anal


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Gif source: loveviral, via theladycheeky

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