Fulfill the fantasies of their lovers is just one of the reasons why many people turn to exclusive escort services. Elegant and unique ladies and above all, very fine companions that will do everything that it is in their hands so every little fantasy could take place in the real world.

One of the reaons that many men and women choose the services of professional escorts is through role play games in many cases including the exciting possibility of having erotic costumes to make them happen. This is a service, the escort and erotic costumes that is often accompanied by other services very different but complementary to each other.

Of course in escortpormadrid we want you to fulfill all these fantasies and that you do it with our girls is a special pleasure, so we will give you some ideas you could not overlook in a way that, when you enjoy this special service escorts and erotic costumes, you could find all the possibilities ahead of you.

Costumes and erotic escorts, the best idea

In most cases, professional escorts who offer this service so interesting and which is so playful in terms of achieving this or that particular fantasy have in their closet more than one erotic costume which is often used and asked about, especially the most demanded and a professional escort will not hesitate for a moment to use it when you ask her to do so.

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But you can also do your part to turn sex into something unrepeatable varying this little formula that offers so many possibilities, let your imagination do the rest and use the seduction as a powerful weapon to turn around your relationship or celebrate the most amazing  appointment with escorts, something you will remember.

The police costume

Having a police costume in your arsenal is an indispensable element, whether if you have one for a man or woman or if you ask your favorite escort to bring hers. Together you can enjoy a different night from what you are accustomed.

The police are authority figures so for this role play one of the two lovers must embody such imposing figure of control. In order to do this and before you start, you will have to establish rules about what is allowed and what is not, rules that must be met or be punished (with softness, sweetness or even harshly, just depends on you). The only certainty is that if you have a police escort to your side, this will make you enjoy the wilder side of sex, do not miss this opportunity.

Nurse costume

This is one of the most classic costumes and probably the one that leaves more room to play different kinds of erotic games. A nurse has allowed full contact with your body for medical purposes; she can explore every centimeter of you with extreme care and sensuality. It is also important that the patient knows to be guided by the expert hands of her private nurse.

The nurse costume leaves nothing to the imagination and is very useful for changing a sexual routine becoming one night in an adventure. Anniversaries and special days that do not have the possibility of this role play sure look boring once you have tried it.

The schoolgirl

This is a costume that could not be missed on our list. Who has not dreamed of punishing the naughty girl who has not passed her exams? Here is the man who takes control and can choose hundreds of different punishments with which bring to heel a rebellious young lady who is always eager to meet new and erotic games with his man.

The stewardess and the pilot

We do not know why but both flight attendants on one side and pilots on the other play such an erotic role for both men and women. It is understood that these characters represent a good economic health and an incredible attraction to the opposite sex. If you have one of these two costumes you can enjoy anytime of a very erotic and full of sensuality evening.

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The housekeeper

All wealthy man who prides himself is responsible for a housekeeper that in many cases has become a real sexual myth of eroticism, and it is very exciting to imagine the surprise when your wife is not at home and keep a passionate romance that features the hottest sex we have known. A whole classic.

Let your imagination fly with erotic costumes

If you can’t enjoy any of these options you can always approach to any costume shop and get one, whether it is for your lover as if it’s for you, or you can ask a professional escort who offers this service to bring herown and surprise you with the most erotic one she has.

Erotic costumes are often accompanied by tools and toys to complete the set, talk about handcuffs for sensual police women, duster for housewives and so on. Don’t be shy and let yourself go by the character you’re playing to make every experience become the most exciting situation you have lived.

The escorts that offer this service are very light-hearted and love to play these games, of course you can complement this service of costumes and escorts, and the fact that you enjoy it does not mean you have to deny the possibility to enjoy others like the deep blowjob or anal sex. Just observe how one thing leads to another and let the excitement of the moment take its course.



Photo source: blazingoffence, via uncommondominator

Gif source: porneverybodyloves, via jenn-i-lynne 2

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