For some time there has emerged a new kind of hotels that have gradually popularized offering services to a very specific public. They are erotic hotels which make available to couples and lovers a wide range of services and very special facilities always geared towards the world of sex and eroticism.

Erotic Hotels in Madrid willing to raise the libido of their users thanks to its wide range of services ready to satisfy all tastes, offering a multitude of accessories and games for the most romantic couples of lovers. Have you already tried to stay in one of these special hotels? Certainly they will not leave you indifferent.

Of course these establishments are also an option for those without a partner who wish to hire a luxury escort and indulge to enjoy a romantic date. If this is the case remember that many of our escort offer the Girlfriend Experience, thanks this service you will not need a girlfriend because they will become the sweetest and attentive of every woman you may have lived a sexual relationship.

escort en bañadorThe 5 most popular erotic hotels in Madrid

Something all couples fear at some point in their relationship is being stuck in a sexual routine that every time offers them less satisfaction, which can lead to the inevitable and subsequent break up; something that easily could have been avoided simply by the fact of daring to try new things. This is just what they offer at this type of hotels: the ability to change that routine for couples who feel that their sex life is a little stagnant.

We will offer you a list with the 5 best erotic hotels in Madrid, with a brief description of the services offered by each, so you can easily make your choice based on the benefits that each can bring you. Get ready for a very special date.

Zouk Hotel

This is probably one of the most popular erotic hotels in Madrid. It offers complete privacy to its customers, integrating a parking accessed through the rooms to ensure total discretion.

Themed rooms with lot of art and sensuality and a varied catalog of sex toys to encourage couples, from the famous Chinese balls to vibrators of all types. Even costumes to turn your sexual games into an exciting adventure.

Hotel Loob

This is one of the newest erotic hotels you can find in Madrid. Very close to the airport offers all kinds of elements to create the most special romantic evening in which you’ve never been. Depending on the suite you choose, you can enjoy a totally private pool for you, of course you cannot miss the sensuous Jacuzzi whirlpool and sexual armchairs.

It is also so modern that you do not need to use your hands to turn off the lights, a luxury very close to you in the evening to celebrate the most passionate sex session with your lover.

empty-hands-and-heavy-heartssMotel Los peñascales

It is a hotel with sexual renown for being one of the cheapest, something we must always take into account given the current economic situation. This hotel offers maximum discretion and has a good collection of tantric chairs in their rooms, so you can try all kinds of positions, also has an amazing jacuzzi and a fully private parking. A place to celebrate your love with total privacy.

Hotel Luxtal

This is a small hotel franchise which has representatives in both Barcelona and Madrid, so if you find yourself in one of these two cities remember that you can book a room for hours. A room with all the sexual and erotic luxuries you could ever want, even the known sex swing, an element that will delight all lovers of sex daring to try it. Thanks to this toy you can implement a lot of new positions you had not tried before which surely will change your sex life.

Motel Venus

If you’re one of the lucky few who dares to try a night at this establishment you will find a lot of luxuries specially prepared for you: we are talking about private pool, waterbeds and even a Finnish sauna, all perfect and well prepared for offer an attentive and personalized service that meets your expectations.

Revive the flame of passion

It is very important never to feel the stagnant when you are with your couple, and that is why these hotels are gaining more and more popularity. Sexual health is an issue that is slowly coming to light and many people are realizing that if they get their sex life to a satisfactory end, they also manage stabilize many other everyday aspects of life.

And it is that when we are sexually satisfied we enjoy with greater vitality and positivity all eventualities that may arise us, and this is very important not to be gradually overwhelmed by our work or social situation.

Furthermore, this type of erotic hotels offer you the chance to enjoy a date with complete privacy and discretion, because alcove affairs are a private matter that should always be between the couple. Although we talk about couple you remember you can also hire the services of a luxury escort offering the service to couples, so you and your partner shall count with a luxury companion that will increase your excitement to unimagined places.

Dare to shake up your sexuality with this kind of erotic premises which put at your disposal all sorts of elements to make your romantic or sexual appointment worthy to remember. Places to let yourself go and enjoy the moment without anyone interrupting you.



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