Among all types of escort between any man can choose with whom want to spend a night of sex with an attractive woman, two of the most searched adjectives related to escort are: mature escorts and young escorts.

Mature escorts. Why so wanted?

The explanation of the demand for young escorts may be more or less obvious… Because every man loves a young woman, a girl that ensures a very active sex, beautiful, attractive… and even the curiosity to know that you’re with an escort with the perfect body of an academic woman, that and the possibility of being with a girl much younger than you are.

But what about mature escorts? What are the reasons that they are so in demand? And it is that these escorts have nothing to envy of the young ones.

Tacónes y elegancia en escorts maduritas

What do you like about a mature escort?

Men find many attractive things which attract attention in a mature luxury prostitute. And there are many things about them that you will not find in any other young woman as much experience as she may have. Things like:

Experience: An older escort assures you an experience in bed such as no other woman can. They are women who have been luxury prostitutes for a long time and are experts in giving pleasure to their companions. They know what a man likes, things such as to satisfy them and make them happy in bed. The experience is a plus, and in the case of escort, as in any other work, also makes the difference.

The hotness of age: One of the curious things that happen in escort agencies is that older men often seek young escorts and the younger men want older ones. It is the hotness of age that makes us search for something or the other. To have sexual fantasies with older women that you or much younger. All those fantasies you can accomplish in our agency. Now all your fantasies can come true. Your age is not a matter of great importance, because you are always up to try new things.

Sexual fantasy: As we have said for many is a very common fantasy to sleep with an older woman, and that is a pretty scene also contested in porn movies.

Transmit safety: Many men are turned on by a confident woman, especially in bed. And that is what conveys in a mature escort, experience, safety, poise… You can have everything when dealing with a mature escort.

Less prejudices: Such women are less prejudiced when it comes to sex. They are in the prime of life, a sexual plenitude in which women and like to experiment and try new things. They are not shy when it comes to sex, and they like to try everything they want. Full with energy, they are able to pass the test of the most demanding men and procure them with the best night of their lives

The perfect company lady: For any event or important dinner, they are the best company you can carry. Experts and professionals. They know how to behave at all times and in all situations. For such services are the most demanded and recommended.

Mature escorts in Madrid

Monica escort rubia preciosa de cara

Escort de lujo Mónica

When we talk about mature escorts we mean escorts between the age of 30 and 40 years. Women who have experienced everything in life and are eager to try new and different things. They are living a second stage of life and want to take full advantage of it. And being an escort, imagine what she may like to experiment in bed.

Also not for being mature have nothing to envy of younger escorts. And it is that when it comes to taking care of themselves they are the most demanding. They possess spectacular bodies, cared and toned, surely not the ones you could find in the street, no matter the age you are looking for. And that’s the best of all, you can have the best of a young escort with the imposing physique of a young girl and the best of a mature escort.

As best example we present two of the most demanded mature escorts with perfect bodies in Madrid so you can view the photos and profiles and know better what a mature escort really is.

One of these examples is the luxury prostitute Monica, an escort to the delight of the most demanding men who wants more and more. A spectacular, glamorous and elegant blonde who will do everything you want in bed. Blue eyes, perfect measures, and who performs all escort services.

Another mature escort you can find in Madrid is Noelia, an experienced a lady escort of Argentina. She’s been a company lady for many years and she is becoming more and more demanded with more calls every day.


Noelia, puta en Madrid alto standing


And what about you? What type of escort do you like? An interesting mature lady or an experienced young escort who knows what’s best in sex?

What did you think? Let us know your opinion.>

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