Whether you like dogs or not, this article has nothing to do with them. So if you’re imagining a Golden Retriever puppy, let me tell you that the thing is not going that way… And is that a dog can keep you company, but the vaginal doggy (in Spanish) or snapper can give you an inordinate pleasure from which you will not be able to escape.

If you want to discover everything about the vaginal doggy, this interests you. If you like it, do not hesitate to ask for it to our Escorts Madrid!

What is snapping pussy?

Surely, it has made you strange to read at first the term ”vaginal doggy”. However, this is one of the most pleasurable techniques for men.

The vaginal doggy style, as I mentioned before, is a technique that few women know how to perform. Many of those who know how to do it, manage to do it naturally, while others know how to do it because they have a great command of the pelvis.

The vaginal doggy occurs when the woman reaches orgasm and instantly contracts her pelvis. In other more cultured words, the vaginal doggy is the contraction of the pelvis when the climax is reached. But what effect does it have on the man? As you might be imagining, you will feel your member tighter due to the contractions that occur at climax. In addition to feeling the pleasure of being squeezed, you may also feel a licking sensation. Hence the name vaginal doggy.

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Benefits of practicing vaginal doggy style

You already know what the vaginal doggy is all about, but do you know all its benefits? At Escorts by Madrid we don’t like our clients to be uninformed, so we tell you all the advantages of practicing this pleasurable technique.

No matter the position

One advantage of this skill is that, if the girl you are with knows how to do it, she will be able to do this technique in any position you are in, so you won’t need to change.

Extra pleasure

Double your pleasure with the vaginal doggy style and even reach orgasm with this technique. Of course, it is necessary that it is done correctly so that you can feel a unique pleasure.

The condom has no influence

It is true that there are many techniques that do not feel the same when the man is wearing a condom. However, thanks to the very pleasurable contractions provided by the woman, the man will feel pleasure regardless of whether he is wearing a condom or not.

It can be repeated

In case the girl you are practicing this with is a professional, you will be able to feel the vaginal doggy on many occasions.

If you are with one of our escorts you will only have to ask for it, your wish is my command!

Now that you know all about vaginal doggy style, how about becoming a good master and try it with one of our escorts?

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