Sex in the pool

Having sex in the pool is a lot more common than you think. Whether you’ve tried it or not, we’re sure there are some tips and tricks to do it that you don’t know yet. If you want to have the time of your life with one of our escorts in Madrid and get wet like never before (both ways), stay and read!

Benefits of having sex in the pool

There are a variety of benefits of having sex in the pool. It would be better if you try it and see for yourself. However, we’ll tell you some of them so that you’ll be encouraged to do it!

  • Possibility of performing different positions.
  • The caresses and kisses are more intense with water.
  • You will feel an enveloping sensation with water.
  • You will enjoy tranquility and intimacy.

If you want to find out and see for yourself all these benefits and more, don’t hesitate and jump in the pool!

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Tips for having sex in the pool

If you are thinking about having sex in the pool and enjoy the benefits of it. Before you should read some tips so that everything goes as planned and you do not have to suffer any mishaps.

1. Make sure you are alone

If you are going to have sex in a public pool you should do it in a time slot where you know there is no one. A good idea is to take advantage of the night time, since the darkness will make that, in case someone peeks into the pool, they can not see you.  If you have a private pool you won’t have to worry about it, although we recommend you keep an eye out for morbid neighbors!

2. Lubrication

Contrary to popular belief, water does not lubricate. In fact, for women it can even be painful. Due to the amount of water it is the man who usually takes the lubrication away, leaving the woman completely dry.  Having a lubricant on hand will help both of you (if you are a heterosexual couple) to enjoy good sex in the pool.

3. Caution with the movements

It is necessary to have a foothold. It is recommended to avoid slippery areas where either of you can get hurt. Remember that both of you will be totally exposed, so extreme caution is necessary. Finding the right support point will help you achieve incredible pleasure.

4. Caution with chlorine

Chlorine is a chemical used to maintain swimming pools. Swimming pools are usually a focus of bacteria, so try to avoid any infection both genital and vaginal. In the case of the vagina, chlorine can cause painful irritation.    To avoid any kind of infection, it is recommended to have sex in private pools (either yours or community pools shared with few neighbors).

5. Method of protection

In case you use a condom to have sex underwater, you should be careful because condoms can lose effectiveness if they are not well placed. In addition, you may run the risk of it coming off or breaking.   If possible, use another type of contraceptive method just for that one time, a good option would be the ”morning after pill” that you can buy at any pharmacy without a prescription.   Now that you know the benefits and the best tips for having sex in the pool, what do you think? Do you want to try it?

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