Testicular massage with escorts in Seville

It leaves in the hands of a delicate escort that sensitive zone of the masculine anatomy that is transformed into a fountain nothing more than enjoyment.

The testicular massage is a sexual experience that will make you hallucinate, where the man is the protagonist and is stimulated to leave all the fervor and lust he carries inside.

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How is testicular massage done?

Testicular massage is a method that is performed in traditional Thai massage schools, with the aim of enhancing complete virility. Performing the testicular massage gently and several times a week brings benefits to the man in that it provides a better strong and natural impulse of testosterone and greater sexual motivation.

  1. To begin, the man should sit with his back straight. The escort proceeds to warm up his hands.
  2. Then grab the testicles with both hands, covering them completely.
  3. With great care and gentleness, the testicular bag is moved upwards.
  4. In the same position, 10 contractions are performed while holding the testicles.
  5. The next step is to compress 10 times gently and without causing any pain. Both testicles at the same time.
  6. These exercises are performed for 3-5 minutes, once a day or at most twice a week.

This type of massage will leave the whole of your genital area feeling vibrant and alive, but the most important thing: it is a massage to have a better condition and testicular health.

After having applied the testicular massage you begin to notice that they feel fuller and are lower than usual. This is caused by increased blood flow, and is therefore an indicator that it is being done correctly.

Other Benefits of Massaging the Testicles

At present, the different benefits of testicular massage for men are completely unknown, as long as they are carried out in the most appropriate way. Below we name the following:

  • Improves blood flow and improves circulation, these are known as primary benefits.
  • Also, as secondary benefits you will enjoy more powerful erections and ejaculations.
  • The testicles will look larger due to increased blood flow, resulting in better health for your testicles.
  • Increased sperm count and sex increases at any age. With higher semen and sperm volume you will have better fertility levels as well.
  • Clear previously obstructed seminal ducts.
  • Increases the body’s capacity for prolonged intercourse.
  • The scrotum is more relaxed.

Generally, people focus their energies on stimulating the penis when it is proven that the testicles are a very pleasant part and both men and women do not know how to stimulate that area that can provide intense pleasure.

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