Tall escorts in Seville

In our luxury escort agency in Seville we consider high escorts to those escorts that measure more than 1.70 in height , and here we introduce you to the high escorts currently available and that you can close an appointment with the one you like most.

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If you like escorts high and slender , even higher than you, in this section of our escorts website in Seville you can find several luxury escorts that meet this characteristic. All of them have a slender body and long, beautiful legs. They are a very striking type of woman who drives all men crazy.

Our escorts with a height of more than 1.70 have all model bodies and you should not miss this opportunity as it is not usual to find in advertisements for relax escorts of these characteristics.
So, if you like tall and slender women you are in the right web. Choose the one you like best and fulfill your sexual fantasy.

For short man tall escort

It’s paradoxical, but it happens that short men like tall women and vice versa. Logic should be the other way around, but we all know that logic can hardly ever be applied to sex.

The fact is that, whether you are a short man or a tall man, if you like slender women with a height of more than 1.70 meters this is your section. Here you will find the escorts available in Seville that meet your tastes. All of them thin, with sinuous curves, erect breasts and the most important thing for you, a spectacular height that turns them into true catwalk models .

Take a good look at their photo books and their physical characteristics and choose the one you like the most, all of them are worth it and all of them will meet your expectations.

The agency with the most variety of escorts

Seville is not a very big capital so you don’t always find what you are looking for. But in our luxury escort agency we try to have the largest possible variety of escorts to be able to attend men with very different tastes.

Sometimes we receive calls from men looking for a very high escort, they want 1.80 tall or more if possible. Because although it is a very special request and difficult to get, in our agency sometimes (not always) we can satisfy these requests. And when we don’t have it, we place the client for a while and we start looking like crazy for that very tall woman that the clients claim us.

And is that we are one of the best agencies and the most variety of escorts in Seville.