Escorts Sado in Seville

Sado is a variation of sex that many men and women like and excite quite sexually. It consists of one of the participants acting as master or mistress and the other as submissive.

Some of our escorts perform services as masters or submissive and have experience in this type of sexual services. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should.

It is not about exerting pain on the other person, but about creating morbid situations in which the submissive feels humiliated both physically and verbally. It can produce so much excitement that one can reach climax and orgasm without the need for penetration.

There is even a terminology specific to this sexual variation. Terms such as spanking, bondage, hogtied, harcore are used by Sado lovers.

Submissive escort in Seville

Feel the power to control a beautiful woman. Get her to enjoy and get excited with your lashes, immobilize her body with ropes or tie her with handcuffs to the bed.

The girls that we offer you next are lovers of the sado and they are wishing that you possess them, to feel helpless and not to be able to control the situation

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Our girls will fulfill all your fantasies, they will make you feel helpless, totally at their mercy. You will enjoy, as in your life, the strictest and most ruthless governors in Seville.

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