Prostate massage with escorts in Seville

Maybe you’ve already heard of prostate massage, or maybe you don’t know exactly what it’s all about.

While there are taboos about this massage, you should also know that if you haven’t tried it, you are preventing yourself from experiencing a completely different orgasm. Cheer up to feel the total climax with the best escorts in Seville.

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Enjoy a different orgasm

Perhaps you have heard of the prostate, or do not know well what this is all about and where it is located, because now it is time to clarify doubts about it.

The prostate is a gland about the size of a walnut, located at the root of the penis, in front of the rectum and just below the bladder.

The easiest way to get to it is through the rectum. The prostate is an organ that forms part of the male reproductive system, whose function is to help produce semen; when a correct stimulation is applied it swells and produces great pleasure, which translates into an orgasm and then ejaculation.

Experts say that prostate massage favors reaching orgasm because it is performed in an excessively erogenous area, although quite “wasted”.

The male P-spot, an unknown pleasure

Thanks to the function of the prostate to produce and secrete a liquid through which sperm come out, with only a caress at that point generates ejaculatory sensations, but without ejaculation.

In the same way, when you caress the strip of skin that goes from the testicles to the anus, you will feel a lump about the size of an almond, that is the P Point.

Unfortunately, many men believe that stimulating the P-spot can affect their manhood and so they don’t even think about trying. For many, the P point is not only forgotten, it is non-existent, a taboo: forbidden to touch. And this point is nothing else but the prostate, a highly sensitive but prejudiced place that has become unmentionable.

How do you do a prostate massage?

  1. Before beginning it is obligatory not to forget the hygiene of the anus and the genitals, being able to use only water and neutral soap. In addition, the use of lubricants is recommended, since this area does not have natural lubrication.
  2. The following is an important point that is the preliminary game, the caresses and the excitement. Never insert your finger directly into the anus without prior stimulation.
  3. Therefore, a finger, a vibrator or any type of penetration harness is introduced once the rectal area has been stimulated.
  4. Massage the prostate gland with gentle movements. Performs prostate stimulation for 10 to 15 minutes.
  5. By pressing directly on the nerves surrounding the bladder, pleasure and excitement are immediate.
  6. Fluids and blood pressure are located at the end of the urethra producing a feeling of heaviness. And that’s when you can achieve an orgasm without ejaculation.
  7. In order to achieve it in a full and pleasant way for those who execute it and for those who receive it, it is also essential to control breathing.

Enjoy prostatic orgasm with escorts

If you are interested in living a new experience and exploring that pleasant area, dare to receive prostate massage with escorts in Seville. Give yourself the opportunity to get to know an orgasm and ejaculation that is very different from the traditional one.

The prostatic orgasm is like almost everything in sex, a matter of creativity and courage. It adopts and looks for new alternatives in sex to combat routine.