Lingam massage with escorts in Seville

Among the variety of services is the Lingam massage with escorts. This is one of the services most demanded by clients, as it frees you from daily stress. With Lingam massage you can say that it is the rediscovery of masculinity.

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What is Lingam massage?

In Sanskrit, the male sexual organ is called Lingam and has a respectful connotation called the light staff. This is a type of massage that is performed by the couple or a lover, who have complete confidence to begin the ritual of massage, and that will probably end in a more intimate act.

Lingam massage has a broader purpose and is the exploration of a new form of pleasure that is not conditioned by traditional factors, but by all the intense and natural pleasure that gives way to orgasm.

Because of man’s mental concentration or different circumstances that may surround the moment, there is the possibility that man will broaden the experience and reach the peak of the climax in a natural and healthy way.

Preliminaries for a successful massage

The preliminaries are very important, because they increase the emotion and complicity between the two people to warm the environment.

Thus, it is very important to be careful to understand what you will or will not like during the preliminaries. The preparation of the whole stage, the escort and the client is fundamental to let it flow once the show begins, because it can be considered a role play gone up in pitch.

How do you do a good Lingam massage?

To begin with, create a warm and intimate atmosphere for both by placing candles, incense and soft music. It is important to forget about time and make sure there are no external distractions.

  1. It starts with the naked man lying on his back, with his head slightly tilted upwards, with a pillow underneath, knees slightly bent and legs slightly apart, a comfortable and natural posture.
  2. The escort has a fundamental role in this ritual, will concentrate on sending and transmitting energy, relaxation, serenity and pleasure, with the complacency that provides the welfare of his client.
  3. The massage is carried out with aromatic oil, to facilitate the sliding of the hands. Soft but with the necessary pressure to transmit energy. Massage begins at the feet, then follows the legs, and so on to reach the arms and head.
  4. It then proceeds downwards until it reaches the intimate area.
  5. Continue the massage on the genitals and scrotum, gently and delicately caresses the perineum with the fingertips.
  6. Now he caresses the Lingam (penis), varying the pressure and speed thus increasing pleasure.
  7. At this point it is a question of extending as much as possible the ejaculation to obtain more pleasure. Likewise, man has already entered a phase of more intense pleasure.

Lingam massage with escorts in Seville

Lingam massage with escorts makes thousands of men happy all over Spain and particularly in Seville. The reason for this great demand are the benefits that are countless from an emotional and physical point of view.

With this tantric method it is so easy to enjoy this mystical and erotic experience that it will free you from the stress of everyday life.