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Our agency has several lesbian escorts in Seville that offer lesbian services and there are two different types of lesbian jobs. The lesbian service itself and the duplex service. The escorts who perform this type of service are bisexual escorts, women who are sexually attracted to both men and women.
Choose between Lesbian Sex or Duplex Service in Seville

Lesbians Sevilla: Lesbian sex at your service.

This service consists of having a sex session between 3 people, a man and 2 of our lesbian escorts from Seville. In this session the 2 ladies will play sex games with each other for the visual enjoyment of the man.

In this way, you can enjoy one of the best creations of Mother Nature, the female body. Enjoy while two beautiful women offer you the best lesbian show you could ever imagine. Each groan of pleasure of our girls, will transmit all the passion and excitement that they are feeling.

Duplex Service in Seville,

In this service, the two women will not have sexual relations with each other, but will dedicate themselves 100% to giving pleasure to the man… Prepare to receive kisses and caresses all over your body. Enjoy two mouths and four hands dedicated exclusively for your enjoyment and enjoyment.

Without a doubt, the duplex service is a category not suitable for cardiac patients, because if one of our Sevillian escorts can drive you crazy with pleasure, you can’t imagine what two of our incredible girls can do together.

So you should be very clear about the difference between the Lesbian sex service and the Duplex service before you hire it.

If you have never tried it before, you should do it now, both are great services and produce wonderful sensations that every man should experience at some point. We assure you that you will not find a better offer of lesbian or duplex services in all of Seville.