Ladies in Seville

We call “escort ladies” the youngest of all the escorts that offer their services in Seville. They possess the bodies most desired by all men. Delicate, soft bodies, without a single imperfection, in short, bodies created for sin and lust.

Divine youth treasure

Do not be fooled, the ideal age of an escort is between 20 and 25 years. The young ladies in Seville of this age maintain the necessary youth so that their body remains precious but at the same time they have already acquired enough experience in sex to know how to make their lovers enjoy themselves to the maximum. As the saying goes and it is very true “divine treasure youth”.

It is the golden age for this activity in Seville or any other city in Spain.

Companion ladies with these ages tend to be very active in bed, true insatiable beasts, and tend to have much less prejudice and taboos than escorts of other ages, so if you look for some special sexual service or fantasy such as anal sex, lesbian duets, sado, etc … is in these ladies where you can satiate your desires.

Our classification by age

In our escort agency in Seville we divide the girls who work with us into 3 categories according to their ages:

– Girls between 18 and 25 years old: we call them ladies escorts de compañía.
– Girls between 26 and 30 years old: we call them young escorts.
– Girls over 31 years old: we call them mature escorts.

Taking into account this classification, clients can search for escorts according to their age and tastes.

The youngest are the ones we call “escorts” and nowadays they are the most demanded by all the men who call us. And it is logical, since the delicate body and of soft skin of a young girl or lady cannot be compared with that of an older woman.

There are those who are reluctant to choose such young girls for escort services because they say that they logically do not have the experience of a woman in her 30s or 40s. But that’s not true today, maybe years ago if it was, not today.

Today’s girls are much more advanced on all sex-related issues than women were years ago. Today a 20 year old lady knows a lot about sex and can have great experience even if you don’t believe it.

We have very good references from customers who hire some of our escorts escorts company, nothing to envy the older.