Erotic shower with escorts in Seville

If you live or are visiting Seville, come to visit the luxury escorts, who will make you spend a charming appointment full of lust and maximum pleasure. The erotic shower is a sexual experience with an erotic repertoire full of games, flirting and the much desired happy ending.

How to start the perfect date with your luxury escort?

The simple fact of having sex in bed becomes boring after a while, so exploring sex in unusual environments is very morbid. Kissing, hugging and having sex in the shower guarantees new sensations, and even giving you amazing orgasms. Enjoy the anteroom of pleasure with your escort in a shower that has nothing in common. Take advantage of this moment to get to know each other, explore all the erogenous zones and make this moment a perfect appointment that you will want to repeat frequently.

Enjoy the best preliminaries…

The idea of having sex in the shower sounds fun, exciting and becomes a perfect date. This is the perfect place to light up your libido. This is a perfect preliminary. After the game and exploration, the escort begins to massage you with soap and warm water from the back touching each of your areas, then goes down making you feel more and more excited and preparing you for the moment of enjoyment. In the shower, and surely after so much stimulation, you will not be able to resist to have sexual relations, reason why we indicate you that you can put in practice the following positions:

  • Posture of the embrace: the client will take the escort in his arms at the height of his genitals, to facilitate penetration.
  • Posture of the hammock: the luxurious companion will sit on top of the client who is sitting on the floor.
  • Surprise posture: the escort rests with hands and feet on the floor, and the client penetrates from behind.

These are just some of the ideas you will be able to realise. Remember that it is a shower that is conditioned and safe.

Do you prefer a sensual foam bath?

An exquisite bath with foam can be the cherry of the cake. Your luxurious companion invites you to take a bath in hot water and foam, which gives the moment greater pleasure. Never before have you imagined that something as traditional as a shower could become a magical moment that makes you have intercourse and full relaxation. As other ingredients to the erotic shower you can add aphrodisiac oils, silicone-based lubricants that are sure to make you feel more pleasure. Put into practical positions that you always wanted to do, put aside the taboos and make your fantasies come true with the best escorts in Seville.

Share an erotic shower with a beautiful escort

The erotic shower is a service very requested by most of the clients, once they have the first experience with a beautiful escort in Seville, it is something they want not to stop practicing. Enjoy this method to get into the action and excite yourself more than usual with a luxury escort in Seville.