Duplex with escort in Sevilla

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Now it is possible to enjoy not only with a woman of incredible beauty as all professional escorts are, but with two at the same time… Are you going to miss this exciting experience?

Thanks to this suggestive option you will be able to put an end to your daily and sexual routines and launch yourself into the incredible experience of having a sexual trio. All the escorts who offer this service do so willingly and love to participate in this type of sexual group. You will be able to choose the two escorts that excite you the most so that between the three you can get the most out of your sex life.

This is an experience that not everyone dares to experience, as it can create some insecurity to have to satisfy two women at once, but don’t worry because this time you are the star and the most important thing will be your own sexual satisfaction , something that our girls will throw themselves at head-on, offering the wildest games just for you, so you can enjoy a full and different experience than anything you have tried before.

2 women at your feet

I’m sure you’ve fantasized about meeting this scene before. Two women for you alone who fight to satisfy you in every way imaginable; well, this can be a reality if you decide to enjoy this service, the duplex with escort.

Your two luxury escorts will strip sensually for you , dance and use all their feminine weapons to put you at 100 from the start of your duplex, and won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied, something every man dreams of.

They will make you comfortable from the very first moment of your appointment , and make you enjoy this incredible experience to the fullest in a way that you have certainly not seen before. In this way, you will be able to forget any kind of prejudice or taboo and jump without fear into an experience in which two authentic lingerie models, the ones everyone dreams of, will compete with each other to achieve your total satisfaction. You will enjoy all the luxury and eroticism that only the refined arts of a professional escort can achieve, and you will be able to do it twice, an experience that you will not be able to forget and that you will want to repeat over and over again.

Duplex is a sexual modality that falls within the sexual threesomes, but it has a very specific peculiarity, I’m sure you’ve already guessed it. Exactly, what is special about duplexes is that there is only one protagonist when it comes to receiving pleasure, and that will be you of course. Two exuberant women who fight like cats so that you can enjoy them to the fullest and who will fulfill your desires until you are completely satiated.

And there are no limits in this mode, and if you want them to give themselves pleasure while you watch you can do it too, so that you can gradually get excited and join the party at the exact moment you want, this is something that not all men can do and that you will achieve very easily. You can’t miss it.

Duplex, an incredible sexual modality

The term Duplex refers to the sexual relationship in which a man and two women are involved, and of course falls into the category of the sexual trio, thanks to this many sexual practices can be performed , each one more exciting than the previous one.

You decide the direction this exciting sexual relationship takes and, for example, you can decide to penetrate one while you are performing oral sex on the other, so that both of you remain equally excited, so that when the time comes to change, both of you are always at the same point of excitement.

Another very interesting option is that while you receive an incredible oral sex from one of your escorts, you practice it on the other, so that everyone will enjoy equally the incredible excitement that can be the practice of oral sex. You don’t want to move from where you are for anything in the world.

Of course something that men love when they are part of a Duplex with escort is receiving a double fellatio. This means that both escorts will prostrate themselves at your feet to give you pleasure in the penis and testicles. This is a very common fantasy among men, and we assure you that it is totally justified, as you will receive an incredible amount of pleasure, sensations that you did not even know existed will appear before you and will stay forever.

To enjoy with two incredible women has never been so close to you, dare to do it without any commitment and with the total security that you will have an unforgettable memory of this unique and exciting experience.