Ass licking in Seville

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Ass licking is a practice that only the most daring are launched but that always receives very good reviews from all those customers of escortsensevilla who dare to try it.

You will discover a new facet, a new way of understanding sex if you let yourself go with our luxury escorts in Seville. They will give you the best ass licking you can find in the capital of Seville, and with the total security that you will fully enjoy them. Dare to finally fulfill that fantasy that had been around for a long time and do it surrounded by the best luxury, you won’t find a better place.

What is the ass licking

This is the most common way to call sexual practice, which consists of the stimulation of our partner’s anus through the tongue, mouth or lips. Also known as “hummingbird kiss” or “Polish kiss”. If you are still reticent about this practice, which can sometimes be a little controversial or even shocking, read on and you will discover all its advantages and all the pleasure it can bring to men and women alike.

Traditionally it has been something exclusive to homosexual relations, but luckily that is something that is becoming more and more a thing of the past, nothing that we need to worry about nowadays, so do not worry about taboos of any kind and if you want to do this practice with your partner do not hesitate for a moment.

And the fact is that the ass licking has a very special quality; thanks to it we can stimulate in a very effective way the perineum of our sexual partner , a very erogenous zone that unfortunately is usually left aside in the current sexual relations but that here is going to take much protagonism.

This zone located just below the anus and genitals is highly sensitive to the stimulation that we can exert with our tongue and lips, and will not stop giving us real pleasure while the experience lasts. This, of course, is something that professional escorts know very well, as their experience has allowed them to delve deeply into the sexual arts, and you will not find anyone who can practice ass licking as intensely as a luxury whore.

Of course, when you want to put this technique into practice it is very important that you maintain proper and very strict hygiene , so that nothing can interrupt the pleasure. For both of you to be able to enjoy ass licking with total comfort and freedom, it is necessary that both of you have these erogenous zones very clean and safe from any type of hygiene problems, otherwise you should not do it, as it can cause some health risk. This advice applies to both ass licking and any kind of sexual intercourse, so make sure that hygiene is always the first thing you should do when you want to enjoy a sexual relationship with an ass licking in Seville.

Enjoy a complete ass licking

The ass licking technique is a very delicate matter, and it needs to be done carefully and of course with dedication, as there are many people who may be reluctant to do it, especially if they have never tried it before.

That’s why if this is your first time and you’ve never experienced it before, our recommendation is that you do it with a professional, luxurious escort who will not only do it in an incredible way, but will also be able to guide you through the best techniques and what are the most exciting things when it comes to ass licking.

Enjoying a full ass licking has never been closer to you, a practice you may have thought you’d never get to try but that our luxury escorts put at your fingertips so you can explore new sexual terrain and take it off your list of things to try.

Although we talk about trying and not repeating, which you will surely do once you enjoy a complete ass licking from the hands of our luxury escorts, and that is that many of the clients who request this exciting service often repeat the experience, aware that they have come to the right place to enjoy a ass licking.

This is one way to start a sexual relationship that will drive you crazy, and it is considered one of the most arousing preliminaries. After enjoying an incredible ass licking, you can ask your escort to perform a magnificent natural French and then move on to penetrative sex, we assure you that they are true experts in both.

More and more men are encouraged to put new fantasies into practice, of course with the help of sex professionals, who help anyone to put their fantasies into practice.