Anal sex in Seville

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The “Greek”

I do not think it is necessary to explain what this service consists of. On the other hand, in Spain, as is customary to change the name of things, we have changed the name of this service, which is so clearly understood when it is called anal sex’, and we have colloquially called it Greek’. And as is logical when a foreigner reads our sex web pages he is not able to understand its meaning. No matter how good the schools where they have learned to speak Spanish may be, in no school or language academy do they usually teach that “Greek” means “anal sex”.

So this goes for foreigners in Spain, when you see the word Greek’ in an environment where you are talking about sex, to know that it is not about a man who has come from Greece, but simply about anal sex.

Why this service?

Every man and woman should test anal sex, it produces wonderful sensations in both.

For men, anal sex is a very morbid practice for several reasons. The majority of postures give a feeling of power during anal penetration, likewise, being a smaller hole the pleasure of penetration is multiplied by a thousand.

Likewise, our girls from Seville, who we show you here, love anal sex. They have no taboos whatsoever and enjoy this practice very much. You will love to see how you can make them enjoy and reach orgasm together.