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You know what X-dressing is?

X-dressing  is a style performed by male persons who occasionally take cultural fashions, makeup, clothing, gestures and even the speech of a woman. This people has a normal life like you and me, identifying themselves as gay in society, although this is not essential to enjoy the delights of X-dressing.

X-dressing may be related or not to sexual identity. Many cultures include this practice as an artistic expression, as in the case of onnagatas in Japanese Kabuki Theater, or male actors playing female roles in the traditional Chinese opera, as they used to do in the ancient theaters of some European countries.

It is a practice that stands for many years and whose practitioners celebrate proudly, little by little, these harmful to the society taboos are being put aside. Especially in Western culture, much delayed in this respect that the eastern, of course, they are many steps ahead of us in matters of pleasure and sexual identity. Countries where there is a place for every fetish and every sexual practice have faithful followers who enjoy its pleasures as real thing every day.

X-dressing in Spain

Here in Spain, these groups gather for various activities including parties, dinners, workshops of prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and the election of Miss X-Dresser, which is held every year and is one of the largest community activities they bear  with their heads held high and a sexual identity that ignores external trials, which are usually harmful and often based on misconceptions.

Our luxury escorts are very tolerant and outgoing, and therefore have volunteered to this service. This service includes our escort girls accompanying you to these kinds of events to enjoy with your company and that magnificent event also, if desired, dare to enjoy some wild sex, the kind of which you have never done before. The moment when you can both get in the other one’s place and enjoy a full and very satisfying sexual experience is at hand. Something you will remember for a long time.

There’s nothing to stop you from enjoying your sexual identity, now you can do so accompanied by a stunning woman who knows what is done, and in case you have little experience, will guide you through the this delightful process that much joy It gives its users.

X-dressing and sleeping with an exuberant woman?

If you want, you just have to choose a girl, and propose her that sexy thing you have in mind, don’t worry, she will never refuse such a succulent pleasure. Together, you two will choose your role and your role to play, since such is the subtlety of this service it could be considered an art  itself, an art that must be done correctly to all its gears work perfectly, allowing you the full enjoyment of its virtues.

Having its roots in the theater, everything becomes a performance where participants are the stars of the scene, in this case yourself. Both men and women love to explore the other side, a sexual relationship from the point of view of the opposite sex and, if it can be done with the theatrical component that offers many pleasures, much better. Nothing is out of your reach, you, who dares with everything just to explore the hidden pleasures of life.

For our escorts there is nothing strange or unthinkable and they will go as far as necessary for you to find at home and make the most of your relationship with them, whether sexual or not, because not everything has to end with sex, although it occurs the most of the time, just one of many possibilities in which, as always, you have the last word.

You are just a step to enjoy an unforgettable night and enjoy as you have never  done before, let your prejudices for another time, because the situation has now come for all your fantasies to come true. Do not stop now when you are so close.