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Welcome to the luxury escort agency in Madrid with the best and most beautiful university escorts in the capital. There are many young girls who are studying in Madrid, some even have to move from their cities in which they live to the capital to be able to make their careers and finish their university studies here.

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All of them are young women and usually do not have the complexes and taboos that were formerly related to sex. So some of them voluntarily decide to combine their studies with the work of luxury escorts, thus helping themselves to pay for their university degrees.

How are the university escorts?

They are young, liberal, open-minded girls who understand sex as a normal activity that does not have to be complex.  They carry out this activity of escorts in Madrid with total naturalness.

They are all luxury escorts that not only offer sex but also elegant company, with class and know how to be for any event, dinner, party, etc …

With a university escort you are never wrong, the service with them is always satisfactory and all the clients who hire them often repeat with them.  They are girls with a high cultural level, usually with ease for the languages and with a good and pleasant conversation.  These are all important qualities when it comes to offering a good service to a client who is looking for a good luxury escort.

University escorts in Madrid have a very clear concept of sex, they live it with total naturalness and that is why they are one of the best choices for those who are looking for a natural, fun and unforgettable encounter.

University escorts in our agency

Our luxury escort agency always has several escorts combining university studies with the encounters we have with our best clients. They are girls who carry out this recreational activity only for a certain period of time, usually as soon as they finish their university studies they leave this job as well. But we in our agency are always incorporating new students who want to earn extra money in their college phase.

Check out our website and you will find the best young university girls and you will be able to hire them as luxury escorts and enjoy them. They are the most complete escorts you can find, they are the best for sex as they are liberal and open-minded girls, they are the best escorts as they have a high cultural level and adapt perfectly to any situation.