Testicular massage with escorts

The testicular massage is a practice that has its origin in the schools of traditional Thai massage, and that assures in returning to the man full virility.

We are very sure that it causes a lot of pleasure and if you leave the testicular massage in the hands of experts the satisfaction will be double.

Testicular massage is a type of erotic massage that, as its name suggests, is performed on the testicles. It can be done in pairs and has proven positive effects on erection and sperm quality.

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How is testicular massage done?

The testicles are the most important part of a man’s body with respect to sexual energy, testosterone production, and virility. Massaging the testicles several times a week can provide you with a strong and natural boost of testosterone and sexual desire.

For the massage to flow better, it is best to have the testicles shaved, although it is not a fundamental requirement to feel pleasure. This massage can be done anytime you feel motivated and do not need lubrication.

  1. Start massaging gently behind the testicles in a slow downward and forward motion.
  2. When the scrotum begins to relax, start rolling both testicles with your fingers gently.
  3. After 1-2 minutes, massage each testicle individually very gently with 2-3 fingers, making sure to reach inside and around each one.
  4. Pull the testicles carefully so that the fingers make contact with the whole outside of the sphere, taking care to be very soft.
  5. The exercise can be done for 3-5 minutes.

The testicular massage can be done only with simple caresses and pampering, or on the contrary a more intense massage that leads to the climax.

In this case, the hands of the escort will move repeatedly up and down, playing and giving you all the pleasure you want, until the time comes when you let out everything you kept.

Other benefits of massaging the testicles

If done in the best way, the man should immediately feel a vibrant sensation in his genital area, which means that blood flow in that area has been stimulated.

With a good testicular massage routine you can quickly notice greater potency in both erection and ejaculation, so it has become a highly recommended technique.

  • Increased blood flow and dilation of the blood vessels in the testicles.
  • Increased testosterone production.
  • Testicles appear larger and hang lower.
  • The scrotum is more relaxed.

Enjoy the best testicular massage with professionals in Madrid

It is clear that testicular massage can and should sometimes be used as a preliminary to sex, or perhaps to end it with a suggestive happy ending. That’s up to you.

The best escorts in Madrid offer you a series of moments of enjoyment so that you can enjoy a testicular massage that revitalizes your libido and brings you to an intense and deep climax.