Tantric massage

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Tantric massage when given by a genuine professional in a unique experience. Do you dare trying?

Tantric massage is one of the various massage modalities that raises more interest among people used to give and receive massages. However, many times is clouded in doubt, questions and even fears, the result of ignorance about the topic. Since it is practice that has not become too popular out of the Asian region, where there is a cult around this exciting practice, there is much ignorance about it.

What exactly is tantric massage? Is it a sexual massage or simply erotic? It is suitable for women, for men, for couples? These are some of the most common issues that arise around the tantric massage.

The most evocative mode

And luckily, the answer is yes to everything. It is a modality within the erotic massages with a massage before and a happy ending. Suitable for women and men, two hands or four hands, there are plenty of options.

Our escort girls will play to encourage you and excite you as they usually do. And they will do so slowly using all the weapons at sight, their bodies and their hands, undressing slowly and with a very seductive touch, letting slip soft caresses to your body and caressing you too, tasting you with soft kisses, it is also an erotic moment where a wide sort of erotic speech will help to increase their natural aura of sensuality. It is a massage where everything comes in a sexual way that allowing us to experience enormous amounts of pleasurable sensations that can be developed around our body and guiding us towards a higher level of pleasure than a normal relationship based in common sex. That is something quite rare to find.

In tantric massage for penis is essential to use lubrication. Our escort will use soft oil such as almond, which is an ideal moisturizer that will give softness to her movements, making the experience a variety of incredible feelings for you. Sure when the massage is being given you would not wish to be elsewhere, for the pleasure it provides is far superior to any kind of erotic massage.

For this massage both hands must be used, upward movements as shown in the image, and down but in a gentle way. One hand should massage your testicles, scrotum and perineum, while the other will do the same with the penis from the base to the glans, while maintaining the pace and using full hands, taking the penis and testicles area with all the palm of her hand, gently but firmly at the same time.

Channeling our sexual energy

Our luxury escorts, expert in tantric massage, focus on your sexual energy point, called first chakra, the energy in this area can be stimulated going up and down in this area repeating those movements in a soft way and making a circle which is repeated continuously. If it achieves in making the energy of your whole body go up through the head there is many pleasant involved in the process that we can reach such as: very pleasant sensations, amplified by the same sexual energy and a full stimulus that can release a high amount of endorphins, making us feel a wide variety of sensations such as we have never experienced before.

The key to this practice is that, little by little, get to direct all our energy and our thoughts around an erogenous zone, in this case the penis. To reach this degree of concentration on such a sensitive area, rest assured that we will be able to reach feelings that would otherwise be out of our reach. We are talking about much longer and infinitely more enjoyable orgasm than any other one. Not bad, right? Just what our escort can do with their hands.

There are many reasons to hire one of our girls and receive a wonderful tantric massage; they will take well care of you, you will be treated with care and dedication, making you enjoys your sexuality as ever. But mostly, you’ll be very happy and very satisfied with the skills of these sensual escorts in Madrid. Don’t think twice and go for it.