Tantric massage

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Tantric massage when given by a genuine professional in a unique experience. Do you dare trying?

Tantric massage is one of the various massage modalities that raises more interest among people used to give and receive massages. However, many times is clouded in doubt, questions and even fears, the result of ignorance about the topic. Since it is practice that has not become too popular out of the Asian region, where there is a cult around this exciting practice, there is much ignorance about it.

What exactly is tantric massage? Is it a sexual massage or simply erotic? It is suitable for women, for men, for couples? These are some of the most common issues that arise around the tantric massage.


The purpose that is looked for in the tantric massages is not the sexual pleasure directly or the ejaculation but what is looked for is the expansion of the conscience.


Unlike the erotic massage whose intention is to excite, in the tantric one there is no intention, not even to heal. Tantric massages are empty of intention.


The attitude is loving, it is about becoming a transmission of unconditional love, of devotion to the person in front of us.

With all this we do not mean that tantric massage is worse or better than erotic massage. They are different massages, which arrive more or less according to the personal and spiritual path of each one.

As Master Kurma Rajadasa said: Tantric massage includes erotic massage but erotic massage does not include tantric massage.