High escorts of more than 1,70m

If what you are looking for is a companion for any type of event (dinners, parties, meetings, etc …) our recommendation is that you hire a high escort of more than 1.70 meters. These women are slender, with model bodies and with a lot of elegance. They are ideal to show off as a lover before the whole world.

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Ideal as a companion to events

High escorts with a height of more than 1.70 meters are ideal when you are looking for a companion to be with her in public, either to accompany you to an event that you have to attend and you want to go with a partner or simply to a romantic lunch or dinner, or to a party or any other type of envento. Why?

Then it is very simple, the tall escorts are slender women, of proportionate figure, slender and elegant, women who call attention to any man who sees them. If you are accompanied by one of these tall women you will attract the attention of everyone who sees you, and you will be the envy of all your friends and acquaintances. And he’ll hear rumors like “what a piece of woman Rodriguez wears, what a level,” you’re going to love it.

You’ll have the feeling that you’re accompanied by a real model and you’ll be proud to be seen with her. But then the best is missing, the sex. Having sex with a tall, slender woman, taller than you, is a special feeling.  It’s hard to explain, you’ll have to prove it.