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If you’ve never been to a swingers club because you have not had the opportunity, do not stay with it in and go with a girl from our agency.

Swinger clubs and luxury escorts, that is an explosive combination. Did you know that you could also hire this service? Among all the services that a luxury escort from an agency can offer, there is such a possibility, not widely known, always kept like a secret but not at all to be forgotten. This is a new service that is not usually offered in other exclusive escort agencies in Madrid. Now you can enjoy of a swingers club with a gorgeous woman by your side as if nothing happened, as if it were the most normal thing in the world, and it would be so for you, because our girls make you to feel at home from the first minute of your appointment.

This service is that of going to a swingers club with such a beautiful and astonishing woman by your side, a woman who will leave everyone speechless. Everyone will envy you. Everyone would want to be you.

What activities can you really do in a swingers club?

There are often many rules in a swingers club, although there is one that is common and always respected, every club you may go: if someone says no, it means no. It has no further importance, just have it on your mind. Some couples are always more demanded to play with than others and I assure you that you will be the most sought and of course the one that everyone will choose. Because our escorts are the kind of woman who everyone desires; thanks to them, for one night you will be the star of the scene, an evening that is sure to be unforgettable.

The couple exchange activities in a swingers club, include observing how others have their sexual relations. Watching is a very exciting part of the world of sex that society seems to deny, unless it’s consented as here. It can also be done in another way; you can have sex with our luxury escort while being observed.

Another activity you can do in a swingers club is based on kissing, caressing and having oral sex with a third or fourth person. This is called Soft Swing, since it is a step below of real sex that involves penetration.

And at last we have sexual exchange with your partner along with another that is called Full Swing. In this case, while no penetration occurs between the couples, there are different cases. For example, you can be in the same room seeing how they have sex with your companion, or maybe she could watch how you do the proper with the other couple or you can be in different rooms while you fuck with other couples.

So, you see, it is not that you are hiring a girl and you let other people to have sex with her, but it is for you, to serve as an appeal for other couples to join you into your swinger experience. Or if you want to see how other fucks her while she makes you a blowjob… as you want.

You may have seen that going to these places with a luxury escort hooked by your arm can open many doors, well, it’s your time to take advantage of it and enjoy like crazy from swinging. If this is what turns you on, there is nothing to stop you from doing so.

Our luxury escorts are quite outgoing and ready for everything, choose one, call her and say what you want to do most in a swingers club, surely she’ll gladly accept and take you by the hand to this very exciting place where both of you will enjoy a great time with the various options that this sexual mode proposes and that have so many faithful followers.

Do not hesitate any longer and get in touch right now with your favourite escort so you can explore and increase the limits of your sexual life, something that not everyone dares to do. Watch or be watched, it is your choice of a wild night of sex.