Short escort less than 1’60

If you like to manage your lover’s body to your liking and you like the difficult and morbid postures the best thing is to choose a short escort of less than 1.60 meters. they are much more manageable and the sex with them is spectacular. You will be able to practice almost all the postures that you have in your hot mind.

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Escorts less than 160 cm tall -
Find the escort that is perfect for you. The height can also be a factor to consider.

This is the shorter height Sevilla escorts category. Call girls for relax shorter than 1’60 height. But not because of that worse bodies, the opposite, these ladies usually have a proportionated body and more sinuous and hot curves.
These little escorts are real fierce in bed; thanks to their short height they have much more mobility and much more flexibility. Imagine with this features the wonderful things you will be able to do with them.
These escorts practice impossible postures and it is sure that you have never had done before. Try and see how you like it, and you will repeat for sure with these flexible escorts for impossible postures in sexual games.

The short escorts are more manageable

In our luxury escorts agency in Madrid we have a great variety of girls in terms of height. There are from short girls between 1.50 and 1.60 meters high, to girls who measure about 1.80. A wide range of possibilities for all of you to choose the type of woman you like.

The long experience of the agency tells us that many men prefer short, manageable, flexible and with proportioned bodies. Many men prefer to choose by the height of the escort that, for example, the size of their breasts, although it sounds paradoxical is so.

Although a woman of 1.80 at first sight is much more striking, slender and sexy than one of less than 1.60, I assure you that later in bed the second will be much more active and morbid than the first.