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If you’re looking for girls who offer services to women in our agency here you will find  the best escorts in Madrid.

If you are looking for girls who offer themselves for a sesión with woman, in our agency you will find the best escorts in Madrid. If you are a woman, here you will find the escort you were looking for.

Women have their own desires and their own fantasies. Many studies tell us that one of these fantasies use to be the one of being with another woman, quite like a lesbic experience. For those women, it is usually a hard step to take, and most of the times, they left that fantasy unfulfilled, just for fear of external judgements or even shame, but now they can try it and find out how it would have been, thaks to the service that only a luxury escort in Madrid can offer.

Besides there are also bisexual and lesbian woman who enjoy a lot with the company of other women and who know that a professional escort is the best lover that exists, even hiring their services to share them with their own partners, enjoying a special night with quite wild a threesome.

And who are we to deny them the pleasure and opportunity of enjoying the best kisses, caresses and good sex?

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Luxury escorts for women and high standing escorts from our agency in Madrid stand out among every other woman because their astonishing beauty and cultural education. Most of them speak several languages, have an exquisite presence, education and poise just to stand in any event they are required. They can also, if you wish, provide you with the most exquisite pleasure in bed, thanks to their wide experience and dedication.

They are luxury company girls that will certainly meet the expectations of any woman, in any event, whether social or intimate. Because women are demanding, and only settle for the best, there is nothing more appropriate for them than an Escort, able to deal with any situation at any time.

Our escorts for women are highly experienced in sex with women and are willing to teach you everything they know. They are prepared to give all the support both sexual and human to any woman who requires their company. By them, you would be able to learn a lot of new techniques sexual practices that you may have never imagined to be doing. Thanks to them, your sex life will never be the same and you will wonder why you didn’t hire the services of a luxury escort before.

It’s not just the offer of great sex, but also the warmth and tenderness that only an exclusive escort can offer. Because this is also part of their services: the intimacy and pleasure of a good conversation, because there is not only sex when you meet, and before you get there, there are many small details that make a later date, turning it into a success that leaves us a good taste.

On top of this, our escorts have at their disposal a variety of toys that you will make you go crazy, and you will love to try as soon as you saw them. Well, our girls will show you and teach you how to use them in a sexual relation, so you never get bored playing with your sexuality. For in sex, as in everything in life, we must renew and try new things never to get bored so every experience becomes unique and unforgettable. That is the spirit of our luxury escorts and the feeling you’re sure to convey. Your sex will never be the same once you’ve tasted the luxuries of a good professional escort.

Any fantasy or craving you may have as a woman, any curiosity, will not be a problem for our girls because they offer a human and warm service at any time and to anyone you want. At this point, we should tell you that we have many friends who are also clients who could be contacted for an enjoyable night all three together, in case you want to enjoy something wilder. Of course, all within the greatest of intimacies.

Our escorts offer their services for women of all ages. (Adults, of course).