Sensitive massage with escorts

Live the experience of a sensitive massage with an escort and enjoy all the benefits offered by this relaxation technique from different disciplines. Add to this the pleasant touch of a beautiful company that will make you live a moment of joy that has no comparison.

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What is California Sensitive Massage?

It is an intermediate combination of principles and techniques from various disciplines, including Swedish massage, sacrocranial therapy, applied kinesiology, sensory awareness training, taichi, gestalt awareness, and yoga, among others.

Despite its varied roots, sensitive massage can be distinguished by the type of strokes it uses to connect and unify the entire body. This massage is based on two well-defined concepts: the bodymind union as a whole (not as a body of separate parts to be manipulated) and the importance of conscious touch.

The technique allows working at a level beyond the physical, promoting in the person a state of full confidence through an inner journey of total surrender, which leads to a soft feeling of recollection and protection, leaving aside absolute tensions and blockages.

Some benefits of sensitive massage

The sensitive massage with escorts will give you a series of benefits that you will see reflected immediately. Immerse yourself in the full sensation of relaxation and enjoy the results:

Relieves stress

Stress has become an evil that accompanies us every day, where we accumulate tensions causing discomfort and heaviness. With the sensitive massage with escorts, you will be able, in an effective way, to begin and to bear the responsibilities of each week.

In addition, it can be a very effective therapy for people who suffer from depression or who, for whatever reason, are unmotivated.

Eliminates contractures

Helps you eliminate all the contractions caused by stress. Feel immediate relief and forget all those aches and pains that affect your body. Leave all the discomforts in the hands of your escort and indulge in the pleasure of massages.

Improves circulation

The stimulation of the muscles improves blood circulation, facilitating the arrival of nutrients to the muscles and, on the other hand, eliminating excess toxic waste from them. Sensitive massages bring oxygen to every part of your body.

Improves physical appearance

These not only bring benefits to your muscles or the inner part of your body, but thanks to the fact that blood circulation and oxygen supply to the muscles increase, will also be reflected physically, showing a slimmer and more defined muscle tone.

Relax body and mind

When we feel some body ailment is reflected in the emotional part. Although many times we are not aware of this situation, they are two aspects that go hand in hand.

Feeling muscle pain or discomfort can make you feel tired, discouraged and even in a bad mood. To avoid this, you can resort to relaxing and effective sensitive massages with escorts, who will give you the greatest pleasure renewing your physical and mental energy.

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Encourage yourself to live this exquisite experience, with which you will only obtain physical and emotional benefits. The best escorts in Madrid are waiting for you to offer you the best of sensitive massage services.