Sado Mature in Madrid

Sado is a sexual practice performed by some mature escorts that consists of obtaining pleasure by performing acts of domination and submission. These acts are of a sexual nature and are always consensual between the two parties before starting the session.

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We are before one of the sexual practices in height and that more and more men and women like.

All this goes back to the Marquis de Sade, who was a French writer who published many works in which these practices of sado occupied an important role. As a result of his works these practices began to become popular.

Why a mature escort is better

For sado with escorts men tend to prefer a mature woman to play the role of master or dominant, and a young woman to play the role of slave or submissive.

Mature escorts have much more experience in sado services with escorts because they have been practicing them for longer and in this type of services the experience is very important. Because a sado service with an inexperienced escort can be a failure and not enjoy it as you expected.

That’s why many men look for a mature escort when they want a sado service with a dominant mistress. They renounce the beauty of a young girl but they assure that what they really like, which is sado, is perfect.

We also recommend that, if what you are looking for is sado with a dominant mistress, look for a mature escort with experience. You will enjoy it much more than if you are looking for a young escort.

Sado mature in our escort agency

In our escorts agency we have several girls who offer the service of sado, but always as Amas for submissive. They are escorts with proven experience in this type of service. They know what submissive men like, and practice ties, physical and verbal humiliation, lashes, anal punishments, special toys, etc …..

Always, before starting a sado service with a mature escort, a few minutes are dedicated to agreeing on the tastes of the submissive, since in sado there are hundreds of different practices and each person has their own specific tastes. This is very important so that the service goes out correctly and the client gets what he is looking for.

If what you are looking for is not a dominant escort master, but a submissive escort where you do the role of dominant master, then our recommendation is that contacts with an escort who does services of submissive sado, but in this case a young escort is more advisable.

For services of sado with submissive our agency does not have girls who make those services. Since for this type of services it is essential that the girl has a lot of experience and knows what it faces. That’s why there are houses of girls specialized in this type of services. We recommend that you go to one of them.