Sado Massage

There are some erotic toys, that you can try with your partner or with a specialized escort, that have a sado point and that are created to make the relationship or the sado session is more fun and pleasing for both.

On the internet you can find many videos about sado light in which you can visualize how a good sado massage is performed, both towards a submissive man and towards a submissive woman. Much better than a written explanation about what it is and what variations have the massage sado is to see several videos in which these massages are practiced, you know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, a video is worth more than a thousand words.

In these videos of the network you can also learn different sensual aspects and tips for these massage sado are pleasant for all those who seek a sado point in your sexual encounters.

Luxury escort for sado massages

In our luxury escort agency we have several escorts that have experience in offering sado services, and some of them are also very good masseurs. So if we put these two qualities together they can offer clients very good and professional sado massages.

You have to try them, if you are attracted to sado but you are not yet an expert in this type of practice we recommend you start by receiving a good escort expert and professional sado massage, you will see how you like.

It is a mixture of erotic and sensual massage with light sado practices.

If you are a man who has always liked to receive a good massage but also attract your attention and you like the practice of sado, it is clear that these types of massage are created for you. If you haven’t tried them yet, now is the time. Call our agency managers, tell them your tastes and they will advise you on the ideal escort for you.

Our escorts of the agency specialize in the practices that most demand us the many clients who call us and write us, and this of the massages sado is every day more demanded.

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Within the sadomasochistic practices there is a part of sado massage, is something that is not well known yet by men and women who practice sado but it is worth knowing because all those who have sexual tendencies close to sado may like this type of massage very much..