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Are you a Russian lover? Have you ever fantasized about that white-skinned, hard-looking woman?

Many men are looking for Russian escorts to meet a different type of woman and find out what it is like to itneract with woman from the north.

It’s not easy to find Russian escorts in Madrid and Seville, but in our EPM website we bring you information about the most beautiful and exotic Soviet escorts.

Among the many nationalities that you can find in Madrid in terms of escorts, the Russian escorts of Madrid attract by their scarcity, discretion and how different they can be with respect to the Latin escorts to which we are more accustomed thanks to their different personality for which many men feel an authentic fascination that is very difficult to describe with words.

Russian vip escorts in Seville are perhaps the most opposite escorts you can find to the Latin character of Spanish-speaking escorts, a character that can sometimes be described as cold, but which actually hides a much more powerful passion than many escorts of other nationalities.

Russian escorts stand out for their different beauty, a different beauty we are not used to. White-skinned women as we all imagine a Russian escort to be, blondes with smooth and soft skin, full and red lips… those women who make you fall in love just by looking at them.

What do Russian escorts have in Madrid?

As we have said, almost everyone when we talk about a Russian woman imagines that prototype of woman so typical of men. Those blondes with light eyes and red lips. This is perhaps the main reason why many men look for a Russian escort when they are looking for company in Madrid. Their physique is so striking and different, something that they are not accustomed to finding in a woman in her usual day-to-day life because, let’s not kid ourselves, how many women who share these characteristics are we used to seeing every day? The answer to this question is none or almost none.

But Russian escorts are not only famous for their spectacular body. They are also known for that personality that is not as cold as it may seem or appear at all because of its serious appearance or because of the simple fact of coming from a country like Russia,.

But when a Russian escort gives you a smile, you fall in love. A warmth that the average Russian girl doesn’t usually show but that the Russian luxury escorts know how to take advantage of, developing to the maximum her most attentive and complacent facet, a facet that you will enjoy enormously.

Many are the men who have been surprised to hire a Russian escort, but most of them for good.

Of course, you have to like this type of woman, if you are a lover of the Latin character, more extrovert and open, maybe you should try another type of escorts.

How do we imagine a date with Russian escorts in Madrid?

As escorts for events, dinners or any other type of date, they may not be the ideal escort. This imposing seriousness is sometimes not the best for social events and they don’t usually speak the language perfectly.

For this, it is better to have Latin escorts, with a more extroverted character who never leave elegance aside. Companion ladies who know how to behave and show their most pleasant and cultured side to others and used to this type of social events with important people. This does not mean that Russian escorts are not an option when it comes to attending events of this kind, they are always able to leave you in a good place, whatever the appointment.

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