Prostate massage with escorts

For heterosexual men it is possible to have certain taboos about sexuality that prevent them from enjoying what could be the best orgasms of their lives.

Precisely for this reason, we invite you to enjoy this technique that you should not fear, as it can be tremendously pleasant. Along with an escort live the most exquisite orgasms  thanks to prostate massage.

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Enjoy a different orgasm

The prostate is an organ linked to ejaculation, as part of the semen is made up of the liquid it secretes. The prostate is also responsible for producing the first liquid that appears during an erection. The purpose of this liquid is to eliminate any urine that might contaminate the semen and to block the passage of urine from the bladder at the time of intercourse.

Prostate massage is a taboo that doesn’t have to stay that way. The orgasm you achieve with this massage is different from that of the penis. It opens another dimension of pleasure based on deeper sensations.

In the same way, the stimulation of the prostate by itself can produce ejaculation, is a different way to reach orgasm because it is a very erogenous zone that many women do not know and that many men, too.

The male P-spot, an unknown pleasure

In the prostate is the well-known P-Point, the most erogenous zone of the male body. To find the male P-Point you must have confidence, relaxation and imagination. It is located in a kind of sacred and unknown door for ecstasy: in the rectum, in the prostate, next to the neck of the bladder. It is a very rich zone in nerve endings and it is reached, of course, through the anus. It is said by those who have proved it worthwhile.

How do you do a prostate massage?

The escort will make it more fun and exciting by stimulating different areas before entering: the penis, the testicles, the perineum … always with the intention of achieving greater relaxation and excitement. If the caresses and pressure on the perineum are pleasant you can move to caress around the anus, and the entrance, without sticking your finger yet.

You can go back a little, play with the thighs, again the testicles, the penis, and return again to the anus, even sticking a little finger while still stimulating other areas. The man’s reaction is what will say whether to continue or stay there for now.

The best position to do so is with the man lying on his back and his legs bent, at least the first few times, so that you can better access the other areas around, and that way the prostate massage is one more thing.

By pressing directly on the nerves surrounding the bladder, pleasure and excitement are immediate. Fluids and blood pressure are concentrated at the end of the urethra creating a feeling of heaviness. It is at this point that an orgasm can be achieved without ejaculation.

Enjoy prostatic orgasm with escorts

With prostate massage the man reaches orgasm, being in some cases more intense than in genital orgasms. If in addition to prostate massage other areas are stimulated, such as the perineum, testicles or penis, surely the man gets a moment of pleasure that would never have imagined.

Dare to live one of the most exciting and pleasurable experience of the orgies produced by the point P. Enjoy your encounter with escorts, the most exclusive and expert in prostate massage.