Private strip dances

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Private Striptease an escort in Madrid -
Nothing more exciting than a private striptease from an escort. And you know when you’re going?

The waiting is over, you can finally fulfil your fantasy of watching a professional stripper performing a private dance for you, because if you’re a normal person sure you’ve ever had this kind of fantasy.

Private striptease with our escorts

A private striptease with an escort is a unique service that our luxury girls, specialists in exotic dancing and sensual movement of their waists, can perform just to turn you on and before a sex session.

We’ve all seen movies in which girls show their perfect breasts and wild movements that leaves us speechless. They make men enjoy and we would like to do so.

Well, our escort are real professionals in erotic dancing, in fact, many of them do it professionally and they are reserving a day in their schedules just to dance for you, because they love to see your face full with joy as they move their amazing bodies to satisfy your sensual cravings.

Private dances and stripteases just for you

Well, this service is now within reach, but make no mistake. Unlike in the movies, the dancing here is private, intimate and you do not have to be inside a glass booth in a low qualified brothel. You can be as comfortable as in your own home or in a four or five star Hotel. There isn’t any restriction about this; you are fully capable of choosing the place of your meeting. She will dance for you in the place of your choice, just to turn you on, it does not seem a very difficult choice when there is much pleasure so close to you.

Best of all, you don’t have to hire this service alone, you can combine it with any of the other services that our exclusive escorts offer, because … Why resign yourself only with a striptease dance if we can enjoy all night with a woman we have chosen for the occasion?

As we have said before here you are the boss, and the limits of your private dance will be  established beforehand with the girl in question, so you’ll always know how far you can get and, of course, how far she can make you go. Unlike a normal date, where you know how it starts the night but do not know how it will end, thanks to the service offered by our beautiful girls you will have no doubt, and all you have to do is let yourself go and enjoy with everything around you, because it will be a different night.

Warm up with a good striptease

It would be a form of self-torturing to behold such an amazing performance and not finishing the night with a session of wild sex or perhaps a Deep blowjob till the end. And the strip dance will only be the beginning of a crazy night. With it you can turn yourself on and get hot just to prepare yourself for what comes after, that is the wildest sex you could ever imagine, because all our escorts, in addition to expert dancers, are lovers and your pleasure comes first for them, so they would not hesitate to trespass any limits on her seek of your satisfaction. An experience you would love to repeat as many times as you could.

And if you are a bit more daring … Why not hiring a private double striptease and perform a sexual duplex? That can be quite spectacular.

So do not miss this opportunity this agency of escorts in Madrid offers to you. Here you will find the best escorts and the best skills to make the best striptease wherever you want and whenever you want because it will be something to remember. In many clubs the dancer are not real dancers, or they just want to move their hips and you cannot enjoy their company, their lips, a brutal night of sex with them.

Choose the girl you like and live an amazing night!