Natural breasts in Madrid

In our escort agency in Madrid we have the most beautiful women with beautiful natural breasts, something that is not easy to find, as a high percentage of escorts operate on the chest as soon as they decide to devote themselves to this, thinking about being sexier. However, here we know that natural tits like more and that’s why we’ve created this section for our clients.

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In Madrid there are many escorts or companions with natural breasts, there is much to choose from.

The breasts are the zone of the body of the woman that more sexy makes that it is his figure, those wonderful curves that the tits create in the body of the woman put to hundred to the most passive of the men. It is impossible to resist to a few big and rounded breasts of woman, all the men fall surrendered before a few beautiful breasts.

And women know it and that’s why a large part of those who enter the world of escorts decide to have surgery to attract more customers and future lovers. However, there is also a good percentage of escorts with completely natural breasts, without a drop of silicone.

In Madrid they like very much the women with big, firm and raised breasts, but with that soft swing when moving that betrays that they have not gone through the operating room. How is it obtained? With an enviable genetics and a good dose of exercise: all our escorts are taken care of to the maximum so that you can enjoy their bodies of infarction.

An escort with good breasts has a beautiful, sensual and very sexy figure that you won’t be able to resist.

There is a legend among men that says that operated breasts give less pleasure and less taste to the touch than natural breasts, that when you touch them you notice the difference. Indeed, the difference is noticeable when you touch them or caresses and, although it doesn’t have to be an unpleasant sensation, there are many men who prefer the natural touch.

There are operated breasts very soft to the touch and in which it is practically impossible to detect, just by touching them, if they are operated or natural, although these are isolated cases: the normal thing is that the operated breast stands out for its hardness and turgidity. In our agency we have known gentlemen who prefer a perfect breast, even if it is artificial, but also many men who prefer naturalness to complete perfection and request it when they make an appointment.

And our agency can boast of having luxury escorts with both operated breasts and beautiful natural breasts. Try our girls and you’ll see for yourself.