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Profession: Model

There are many sectors where women models can work:

  • Clothing models
  • Hairdressing product models
  • Jewelry product models
  • Runway and fashion show models

De profesión: Modelo

Many of them work in more than one sector,
Then there are also models for only one specific body part:

  • Hand models
  • Hair models
  • Even ass models

As you can see the modeling profession is very wide and extensive.

The work of a model and luxury companion

The work of a model is divided into two types of activities:

Photo and video shoots
Fashion shows

Una modelo de lujo en plena sesión de fotos

The hardest part of a model’s job is to keep her body in shape to promote the items she is interested in at any given moment, be it clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.  Normally they have to follow a very strict diet and a healthy lifestyle with lots of sports.

Models pose for a professional photographer either in a studio or on location. Some of them specialize in a specific product if they are physically product if they stand out physically in something. For example, if you have a long, beautiful and very moldable hair, you can specialize in modeling for hair products.

Those models who are dedicated to parade on catwalks have to learn to dress and undress very quickly, to walk with style and glamor and even learn some dance passes.

And then there are many other sectors (cars, telephony, beverages, etc…) that use models to promote their products.

Models can also work in fairs, exhibitions, shopping malls, exclusive clubs, etc., as personalized attention to the public.

Contrary to what it seems, the modeling profession is not all glamour as it may seem, often a model has to pose in extreme situations.  For example, in the snow in sub-zero temperatures in a bikini or in the middle of the desert at 40 degrees in a fur coat. It’s not easy.

Escorts who are models in Madrid

How do these two activities go together?: Well, they go together very well, since both are activities in which women must be very concerned about taking care of their bodies, and everything you invest in your body for one profession will be useful for the other.

In the world of luxury escorts, women who also work or have worked as models are in great demand.

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