Lingam massage with escorts in Madrid

You can receive a professional massage provided by masseuse escorts, who are experts in tantric massage and of course master the subtle art of deep body exploration. They can lead you to discover new sensations and unknown pleasures thanks to their extensive knowledge of erogenous zones.

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What is Lingam massage?

Masajes lingam en Madrid

The Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ is Lingam, and gives it a very respectful connotation, as it means “Evidence, proof of God” that channels energy and pleasure. This technique of tantra philosophy consists of a massage of the male genitals and the surrounding area.

In the genitals, according to tantra, there is a chakra that connects mind, spirit and body. The aim of this massage is the relaxation of the man and the connection with his most sensitive part, with his “feminine” self; so that in this massage the usual roles of dominance are reversed.

You should know that, although it is an erotic massage, its main objective is relaxation and the awakening of the body’s energy through the massage of the genitals.

Foreplay for a successful massage

Obviously, this is a massage that, when done correctly, helps you to enter a state of deep relaxation and arousal. To perform this massage it is important to prepare oneself both spiritually and physically.

It is recommended that the couple take a good relaxing bath. Then, take deep breaths and empty the stomach. For both people to connect, it would be great to approach and caress each other tenderly, embrace and look into each other’s eyes, with the idea of breaking down the boundaries or walls that are separating the woman and the man.

How is a good Lingam massage done?

  1. To begin with, the man should lie on his back on top of pillows that raise his torso and head.
  2. His legs should be comfortably apart with his knees slightly bent and his genitals fully exposed for the massage to be fully effective.
  3. Take some lubricant and spread it, both on and around the Lingam.
    Gently massage the area so that the whole area relaxes.
  4. Then gently stroke the pubic or pelvic bone and the perineum. When you reach this area, be especially careful.
  5. Afterwards, the body is caressed, varying the pressure and speed, so that the stimulus becomes more pleasant.

Lingam massage with escorts in Madrid

The technique that characterizes the Lingam massage and the rest of tantric massages takes years to learn and perfect until it is fully mastered. Therefore, to receive an authentic erotic lingam massage you will have to go to professional masseuses in Madrid who master this technique. Lie down and allow yourself to enjoy massages with essential oils that will lead you to relaxation and the awakening of your energy, discovering new sensations and pleasures that you did not know.

What is a four-hand massage?

Masajes cuatro manos dos escorts

Two masseuses, perfectly coordinated, put their 4 hands at your disposal to produce the most deep relaxation. We assure you that after trying such a pleasant experience, you will not want any other type of massage. This massage is based on the philosophy of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicinal system.

The wisdom that emanates from the Ayurvedic tradition is highly recognised and regarded within the field of holistic medicine and is known for its constant seak for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. In the 4 hands massage, the escorts can work symmetrically, both performing the same movements as if they were reflecting in a mirror, or asymmetrically, each of them working on a specific area.

Benefits of the four-hand massage

This technique doubles the benefits of the standard massage, and the sensation of well-being and relaxation is total. These massages are particularly suitable for people who suffer from stress, insomnia and anxiety. Apart from its relaxing benefits, this therapy also activates the circulatory system, making the blood flow more easily and benefits the lymphatic system, favouring the elimination of toxins present in the organism. In addition, if you have muscular and joint pain, you will feel immediate and lasting relief.

Physical and mental well-being

The 4 hands massage is a very complete therapy on a physical level from the point of view of prevention and recovery. At this point, all the benefits of the practice of Thai Massage are doubled when two therapists are coordinated to completely cover the needs of each client. When the massage is performed with four hands, the benefits are reflected in all forms, as different intensities and pressures are combined in a dual manner.

As a result, they produce a notable improvement in the circulatory system, increasing the flexibility of the joints, favouring muscle tone and strengthening the bones. In addition, the 4 hands massage helps us to eliminate toxins through lymphatic drainage, improving the health of our body and balancing our skin.

All this without forgetting the existing relationship between deep relaxation that reduces the level of cortisol and has a favourable effect on the quality of sleep. On the other hand, from a mental point of view. If you find it difficult to relax when you go for a massage session, this therapy is definitely for you. Little by little you will forget the emotional barriers that bind you to the physical reality and you will let yourself go until you reach a full state of complete harmony.

Enjoy your massage with two escorts in Madrid

Enjoy an authentic 4 hands massage. This is a unique experience in which two escort masseuses caress and massage your whole body until you reach unknown limits.

Try the 4 hands massage with aromatic oils that lubricate the whole body to achieve maximum relaxation.