Lingam massage with escorts

Lingam massage can be received from escort masseurs, who are experts in tantric massage and of course master the subtle art of deep body exploration. They can lead you to discover new sensations and unknown pleasures thanks to their extensive knowledge of erogenous zones.

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What is Lingam massage?

The Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ is Lingam, and it gives it a very respectful connotation, since it means Staff of Light that channels energy and pleasure. This technique of tantra philosophy consists of a massage on the male genitals and the adjacent area.

In the genitals, according to tantra, there is a chakra that connects mind, spirit and body. The aim of this massage is the relaxation of the man and the connection with his most sensitive part, with his “feminine” self, so that in this massage the usual roles of dominance are reversed, being the escort who holds the reins of the situation. You should know that, although it is an erotic massage, its main objective is not the orgasm, but relaxation and awakening of the energy of the body through the massage on the genitals.

Preliminaries for a successful massage

Obviously, this is an ideal massage to use as a preliminary to a sexual relationship, because if done correctly enters a state of deep relaxation and excitement. To perform this massage is important to prepare both spiritually and physically.

It is recommended that the couple take a good relaxing bath. Then, it is necessary to breathe deeply and empty the stomach, because the sexual experience is more pleasant if it is totally ’empty’. For both people to connect, it would be great to approach and caress each other tenderly, embrace each other and see each other’s eyes, with the idea of tearing down the borders or walls that are separating the woman and the man.

How do you do a good Lingam massage?

  1. To begin with, the man must lie on his back on cushions that lift his torso and head.
  2. His legs must be comfortably separated with his knees a little bent and his genitals fully exposed for the massage to be totally effective.
  3. Take a little sexual lubricant and spread it both on the Lingam and on the testicles.
  4. Very gently, the escort should start the massage on the testicles and scrotum, causing the whole area to relax.
  5. Then, the pubic or pelvic bone and the perineum are gently stroked. When you get to this area you have to be especially careful, as this area (between the testicles and the anus) is an area that almost no heterosexual man has allowed to be touched.
  6. Subsequently, the body is caressed, varying the pressure and speed, so that the stimulus varies in intensity and is more pleasant.
  7. Keep in mind that the man will be assuming a passive position that is not necessarily familiar to him, so he should not be allowed to move.

Lingam massage with escorts in Madrid

The technique that characterizes the Lingam massage and the rest of tantric massages takes years to be learned and perfected to achieve total mastery. Therefore, to receive an authentic erotic lingam massage you will have to go to professional escort masseurs in Madrid who master this technique. Lie down and allow yourself to enjoy massages with essential oils that will lead you to relaxation and the awakening of your energy, discovering new sensations and pleasures that you did not know of their existence.