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We can find many Madrid escorts, but the ones we have here are the best deluxe escorts in Madrid without any doubt. Madrid’s independent escorts are everything you’ve ever wanted to do to you in bed, as well as being luxury girls to accompany you to any event. All our escorts are independent and dedicated to this world for pure pleasure. We are very lucky to have this variety of escorts, who are not only beautiful and have an incredible body, but who will also give us hours of fun and conversation. Just ask about our luxury escorts and get to know them all, as well as the services they offer you.

If you are living in the Community of Madrid, in the province or in any of the surrounding villages and are looking for something intimate and at the same time professional and not vulgar, we take care of all the details and always respond to our clients with the utmost discretion. The client should only enjoy and relax with the best company to make every moment an unforgettable moment in the capital.

On our Escort by Madrid page, you will find your independent escort and you are sure to enjoy it. In our agency you will be able to see the best escorts of luxury of Spain, private escorts and independent escorts of Spain. These deluxe escorts offer unique services you won’t find anywhere else. The luxury escort you are looking for is right here, stop looking for luxury brothels in Madrid and make contact with prostitutes in Madrid.

We are fortunate to be able to count on these luxurious escorts so closely that they will make our lives a little better, as their services as luxury escorts are infinitely better than the rest of the escorts you can find out about. We recommend that you get to know our independent escorts, take them out to dinner or dancing and then to the apartment so that you can end the night in the best possible way. An experience of our girls available 24 hours a day in Madrid.

We are aware of the difficulty of finding an independent prostitute in Madrid with a good body, that’s why we wanted to make this agency that brings together all the independent prostitutes in Madrid who want to aspire to the best clients and are not threatened by the condition of being an independent prostitute. One of the agency’s missions is to make the girls feel completely comfortable and know that they are here because they want to be, there is no obligation on our part or anyone else’s part, that’s why they call themselves independent prostitutes.

It is the girls themselves who choose their lovers from among all those who are interested in them and, as you know, there is no obligation on either side, which is why you get such an authentic, special and sought-after escort service that receives such good reviews. Pleasure and sensuality at your fingertips from women who know what they want, very liberal in sex and who are always looking for lovers who meet their needs that are not few. But don’t be intimidated, because even if they are incredibly beautiful independent girls, who could well be models, they will make you feel at ease.

Aware of how difficult it is to find men and women who adapt to such a demanding lifestyle, independent escorts decide on their own to offer escorting services and thus take advantage of their skills and experience to help others to awaken their sexuality. Something that each and every one of us keeps in a state of latency waiting to be awakened.

Many people are not aware of this sexual facet of the human being, and even manage to never discover it; because we do not want that to happen to you, we offer you this large number of independent girls willing to make you discover a world of sensations that remains hidden from others and that, if you are completely satisfied, get the rest of your life gears to continue working in harmony. A healthy and active sex life helps other facets such as work or social relationships to work much better. People with an active sex life tend to perform better at work, have more energy and are in a better mood than those who do not lead their lives this way.

We are constantly improving the website to offer you the best profiles of girls, with better photos and bigger, more profiles of girls, and better navigability on your computers or any device, since we know that you as users connect more and more via mobile phone or tablet.

The world is becoming a place with many options to choose from. Today, the escort profession is enjoying a good time, as many people who want to enjoy sex go to an escort rather than a whore in Madrid. The range is wide both within the sector, as clients can turn to independent agencies or escorts.

As time goes by, more girls embark on the adventure of working as independent escorts because of the opportunities they are offered. It should be noted that there is a big difference between prostitution where there is abuse of women and the free choice of women to work as sex workers. In fact, it is an activity that is important that girls do it with the desire to give themselves to other men. In this way everyone wins, the escort works on something she wants and gets involved in, and the client will enjoy a better service.

They have a great capacity to adapt to the needs of the client. If needed, they can go to your home with complete discretion without anyone in your environment knowing that the customer has hired your services. In the same way, the client wants the escort to go to a hotel room, she will interact as if she were a trusted friend or person. However, some independent escorts have their own apartment to attend to their clients. In it, they have a multitude of costumes to recreate a moment that man is longing for (a fantasy, a scene from a porn film, an erotic dream,…). You can also make use of erotic toys for both of you to enjoy because men can also enjoy dildos, although handcuffs, a mask or oils can help create an atmosphere.

An alternative to your sexual encounter you can have it in public places like a restaurant, drinking places, shopping mall, changing rooms, etc., where the game will be much more fun and only the two of you will know what’s going on. There is also a risk that you will be found, but this is what is worthwhile in this type of adventure with sex workers. If you’ve never tried it, don’t forget to spend a moment you’ll always remember. The lust and passion of the encounter will not be tested with your partner, as the risk of the relationship could be affected. For this reason, the services of the escorts will always give you more than just sex with your partner.

And the fact is that independent escorts are girls of a special kind. They love to interact with people because the services of an escort have to do with sex and everything around it. There is a flirtation, a few looks, a few caresses, a few tender and soft kisses,…, before the date goes into action in bed or in any other place. You have to keep in mind that sleeping with an escort is a process with different phases that are adjusted to each client, because each client responds in a way.

An independent escort knows how to interpret non-verbal language, understands what the client needs at all times and gives herself as the moment dictates. With their hands they can do an erotic massage, passing them through different areas such as the crotch or the lower part of the abdomen that greatly excites men without having to start masturbating. With the mouth and the tongue he can lick the body, making the hair stand up with licks on the neck, fingers, hands,…

Another possibility is that the escort will take you into a state of excitement with a tantric massage. You will first begin with a gentle, full body massage. This will allow you to achieve deep relaxation and prepare yourself for the escort to start with your limb. They usually use a small amount of oil on the penis and testicles to begin massaging them. It will then pass to the area between the testicles and the anus, known as the perineum. Then he will remove his hand and repeat with his left hand. It will try to keep you close to orgasm but will not lead you to it at that time.

Once the situation is at its highest, it will surrender to you with all its women’s weapons. A natural Frenchman can be a good starting point to move on to bigger words or to start trying out postures in bed. In the rocker arm posture you will have her breasts at face level so that you can kiss them or let them caress your face. Or if you prefer the model so you can hug her from behind. But if you like more action, ideally you should get out of bed again to have sex in other places, like on the table. Here you can do the padlock posture, where you will see that the girl grabs you with her legs and will prevent you from escaping. Or, you can hold her in your arms and sneak her up against the wall, although in a place that is seldom tested is on top of the washing machine.

To end the moment, it can be as you wish. Escorts know perfectly well how to give a blowjob to let go of her face, which you couldn’t do with your partner because it would break all the romance. Another option would be to have it on your chest or the area of your body that you prefer. After that moment you will be happy to have been with that goddess of sex, who has understood you so well and has brought out the best in you.

If you can already imagine what you can do with an escort, you can now start looking for the girl you want her to have, such as her hair color, breast size, ass, height or weight. As we said at the beginning, the world is becoming a place with many options to choose from and at this point it was not going to be any less.

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