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Golden shower service, try new things and break the routine -

You may be a little reluctant of urinating on a sexual partner, then, you should better try it with one of our escorts just to demystify it.

Looking for the Golden rain service in Madrid? Here you’ll find everything you want, because the girls are specialized in the service of the golden rain in the city of Madrid and surroundings. No need to go far; since we have the possibility of enjoying with the Golden rain in Madrid at our reach thanks to these gorgeous women.

The Golden rain is one of those terms that we all listen to young people and say … fuck! We do not know if we like it or not and sometimes, we hesitate to do so because the girl with whom we would like to try it is our partner and we start to think more about that tomorrow when we have to kiss the place where we performed the Golden rain, that’s a major mistake.

The golden rain, as hidden pleasure

However small, in our inner thoughts, we all have wondered a little bit to do it, we cannot deny it. And for those who still do not know what I’m talking about, I’ll tell. I’ll tell them exactly how to perform a Golden rain in Madrid. And of course, the best company to do that is with the help of one of our professional escorts who have always devoted themselves to professionalism and good work, just to make you feel at home from the start.

The golden rain is a sexual technique that involves urine and urinating during sex. But attention! The point is that you have to urinate on the body, back or face of the other person, not simply when she/he sees you peeing in the toilet.

For some people, involving the urine into a sexual plane is one of the most exciting sexual fantasies, yet, the most controversial.

There are also many people who are not able to understand that this practice may have followers and they just see them as dirty people, but you must never worry about prejudice in anything you do, never let the opinions of others deprive you of the power of making your fantasies come to true, because that will be a great source of unhappiness.

As you can see it’s very, very controversial but our luxury escorts are willing to do anything to make you happy. So if you’ve ever thought about doing it, why not hiring a spectacularly beautiful woman who will beg you to do it and will moan with pleasure when pour your rain on her?

Some people who practice BDSM include it in its activities and, although it’s definitely an action that demonstrates control and submission, some couples do not like to include it, focusing only light BDSM, but … what is your case?

Are you curious? Do you want to try it?

Nothing better than one of our beauties and nothing better than someone who loves to do it, of course it will make your experience so much more enjoyable, without ever having a doubt whether the other person will like it or not; in this case it is certainly yes, so there is nothing to fear.

Therefore, the golden rain is the act of urinating during sex, also called urolagnia but urinating into the face or body of your partner, and because it is a golden liquid (urine) that makes the name a little true.

This action may be limited to pour urine on the face or body of a passive person or include your drink of it (urofagy). It is considered an extreme practice and is part of the BDSM collective. For some, also part of the so called urophilia.

In any case, it is a practice that has many more followers than you’d think, and has its place in the sexual fantasies of many people. Also, if you have had this suggestive and daring fantasy, do not hesitate and call any of our escorts, which, as always, will be delighted to be able of fulfilling all your sexual fantasies. An unique opportunity in life!