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If you plan to attend an escort is cold, you’ve not tested the services GFE (girlfriend experience) of our girls

GirlFriend Experience, does that name seduce you?

There is some occasions when escort users are looking for something else than just a simple sexual relation with an elegant and beautiful girl. These are some different tastes we are talking about, and also very demanded. With this service that just luxury escorts can offer you can now satisfy that certain need.

GirlFriend Experience is the kind of service an escort offers which main characteristic is that she acts and behaves as if she were your real girlfriend. This particular service creates a stronger bond between the client and the escort and allows a closer and more confident treatment; and, of course, this close treatment depends entirely of the client and his needs. If you are quite shy it will be better than if you are a rather outgoing person. They are the perfect girls for helping you to overcome that shyness and jump on to this adventure.

How are these kind of dates?

Sessions are usually longer than usual in the GirlFriend Experiencie, given that you’d spend the time contracting some extras instead of reducing the date just to an usual sexual dates. Given that this services requires a little more intimacy between the client and the escort it is ideal for those who seek good company, being that you are not only going to enjoy sex but also the kissing, caresses, flirting and a wide variety of sexual games.

It is a rather general service and focusing just in what the GirlFriend Experience means, it does not involve sex, but that is not what usually happens for just a simple and easy reason.

Who does not want to end his night having good and hard sex with his girlfriend? Every one desires that, and that is why these two services are complementary; luxury escorting and GirlFriend Experience, so this service involves not just personal interaction but the deep blowjob, anal sex, complementary sex services, with or without protection, etc. All that I just told you, I have to say it depends on the services offered by every particular escort, these services, of course, may differ according to the escort.

We put in touch our better escort with those people who really wish to live a true experience with a woman just like she was his true girlfriend. They are very experienced in the GirlFriend Experience service, given that they have performed it many times and always successfully. Don’t be afraid, you are in good hands.

GFE in Madrid

The Girlfriend Experience service the girls offer is basically a relationship with the client within one or many hours when she behaves as if both were a couple of several years from the first moment.

The main idea is making you feel as if you were with your partner, not with an escort you are paying in order to be with you.

She will succeed in making you believe she is your true girlfriend and you will forget rather soon that she is an escort and not your partner. You will feel comfortable enough, that’s for sure.

Who’s this service for?

This service is thought for men who look not just for a sex service, this service is for men who value the confidence and complicity above anything else. Eventually it ends up with sex, of course, but it may happen in a rather more natural and human way, is not just sex in exchange for money, it’s something else.

The typical sentences you are used to hear when you get in touch with an escort and you will never hear in your GirlFriend Experience, sentences such as:

-“Come honey, you have 10 minutes left”

-“I need to call to the agency to verify the service”

-“Pay me another hour, will you, honey?”

-“You are a very handsome client, didn’t you know?”

All these sentences reminds you every time that you are paying for your company and make the complicity and confidence disappear.

It will never happen if you hire the GirlFriend Experience service. The word “client” does not exist and is not used is this service. You are not her client, you are her couple.

They are waiting for your call to close the date with you. An unforgettable date awaits you.